• Anthology of short films. Part 69.
     New release by Anthology of short films number 69, today there are 6 minifilms.
    1. El nudista / The Nudist. 2015.
    Raul looks absorbed at a naked couple at the beach. When he was just 10 years old, stripped of all kind of prejudice, he understands the relationship between human body and nature. The taboo that nudity represents is a big burden for Raul, who must get rid of the vision that has taunted him in order to achieve his goal: to be nude.
    Director: Alex Waudby.
    Cast: Leo Aguilar, Manuel Bobis, Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa, Inmaculada Moral, Leonardo Aguilar Marés.
    Spain, 2015.
    Language: Spanish.
    1280x720 HD
    2. Siemiany. 2009.
    Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together every summer in the small tourist village Siemiany on the countryside. Their friendship has grown into years of great memories. And the boredom of the countryside and the feeling of unity amongst the boys, takes their friendship to a new level of sexually loaded intimacy.
    Director: Philip James McGoldrick.
    Cast: Damian Ul, Michal Wlodarczyk, Aleksandra Radwanska, Kamil Grenda, Joanna Opozda, Roman Pozoga.
    Belgium, Poland, 2009.
    Language: Polish, Russian.
    1024x576 HD
    Subtitles: English.
    3. Treitum. 2003.
    Ser TREITUM es lo peor que te puede pasar y Blas, un niño de 10 años, vive atemorizado por ello. El Jose, líder indiscutible de la pandilla, dicta las reglas con autoridad: si juegas con las niñas o no eres del Barça, serás automáticamente considerado TREITUM con las consecuencias que esto acarrea…
    Director: Javier Ruiz Caldera.
    Cast: Héctor Castellnau, Ramon Alconada, Enrique Benz, Xus Estruch, Manel Bronchund, Dani Villegas, Javier Gavilan, Javier Torres, Marc Ferràs, Manuel Giménez, Jesus Moreno, Dolors Duque, Ona.
    Spain, 2003,
    Language: Spanish.
    4. Rocco. 2017.
    Los problemas de Carlos aumentan cuando al llegar a casa se entera que Rocco, su perro, ha mordido al hijo de sus caseros. Mientras Luis, su hijo, le cuenta una versión que exime al perro de toda culpa, los caseros amenazan con acabar con él de una vez por todas. Las circunstancias llevan a Luis a ser el único que puede salvar a Rocco.
    Director: Gerard Nogueira.
    Cast: Jesús Lloveras, Josep Julien, Tamara Casellas, Nico Castañal.
    Spain, 2017.
    Language: Spanish.
    Subtitles: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    5. Upír. 2016.
    Quand Arthur, un petit garçon de 8 ans, est persuadé que sa nounou est un vampire…
    Director: Laura Rembault.
    Cast: Thomas Millot, Virginia Atenza, Virginie Lisb, Matthieu Lancian.
    France, 2016.
    Language: French.
    Subtitles: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    6. Pommel. 2018.
    Set within the world of competitive gymnastics, Pommel is a coming-of-age drama about the tumultuous relationship between two young east Asian brothers as they compete for recognition and approval in an up coming gymnastics competition. When their Coach begins to recognise potential in Noah, Isaac, his older brother and a gifted gymnast, begins to develop deep feelings of jealousy and resentment. Noah suffers under the harsh treatment of a scornful Isaac as the two vie for recognition; Isaac seeking the approval of his Coach, and Noah, unbeknownst to Isaac, works desperately to gain his acknowledgment.
    Director: Paris Zarcilla.
    Cast: Ian Reddington, Orion Lee, Micheal Tang, William Tang.
    Croatia, Singapore, UK, 2018.
    Language: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    Downlod Anthology of short films. Part 69.
    Anthology of short films. Part 69.
    Anthology of short films. Part 69.
    Anthology of short films. Part 69.
    Anthology of short films. Part 69.
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  • Abel, twój brat / Abel, Your Brother. 1970.
     PL. Tragiczna historia dwunastolatka, który nie potrafi dopasować się do łobuzerskiego stylu rządzącej klasą "paczki" kolegów. Karol Matulak (Filip Łobodziński) to chłopiec bardzo wrażliwy, który pragnie wyzwolić się od nadmiernej troskliwości matki. Chce zdobyć względy grupy wiodącej prym w klasie. Zostaje przez kolegów namówiony do pobicia małego chłopca. W szkole spotyka go za to kara, jednak lojalnie nie wydaje inicjatorów napadu. Kiedy pod presją zdradza matce prawdziwych winowajców, spotyka go okrutna zemsta...
    EN. Karol is a newcomer to the class and instantly called "sissy". He makes himself disliked by correcting his classmates and eating sandwiches, while everybody else eats dry bread and onions. He tries to make friends with class bully called Balon, and eventually succeeds. The group uses him to steal lollipops and later for an assault on a small child. The victim's mother seeks out the responsible and Karol is identified. He eventually confesses to his mother and names his accomplices. Branded now as a "squealer" he is avoided by his former friends. During a concert Karol collapses and is carried off.
    Director: Janusz Nasfeter.
    Cast: Filip Lobodzinski, Edward Dymek, Henryk Golebiewski, Roman Mosior, Wojciech Skut, Andrzej Boczula, Wojciech Andrulewicz, Anna Nowak, Dorota Czajko, Bohdan Graczyk.
    Poland. 1970.
    Language: Polish Russian.
    Download Abel, twój brat / Abel, Your Brother. 1970.
    Abel, twój brat / Abel, Your Brother. 1970.
    Abel, twój brat / Abel, Your Brother. 1970.
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  • Vremya schastlivykh nakhodok. 1969.
     “Vremya schastlivykh nakhodok” (Lucky finds time) is a Soviet film based on the stories of Fazil Iskander.
    12-year-old Sandrik lives in Sukhumi. He is in the fifth grade. The boy wants to help everyone and find the lost things. First, at the bottom of the sea, he finds an ancient Greek stone slab, then - money on the street, after - a neighbor's chicken. On holidays, his parents send him to the Abkhaz village. There he finds a lost local goat. Residents of the village learn about the ability of Sandrik and begin to come to him with requests to find their lost things.
    Director: Genrikh Gabay.
    Cast: Sofya Agumava, Oleg Avidzba, Mikhail Badzagua, Ruslan Basariya, Timur Dzidziguri, Pavel Fanidis, Gogi Gegechkori, Rita Gladunko, Sergey Martinson, Evgeniya Rubanovskaya, Boris Tsipuria.
    USSR, Mosfilm, 1969.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Vremya schastlivykh nakhodok. 1969.
    Vremya schastlivykh nakhodok. 1969.
    Vremya schastlivykh nakhodok. 1969.
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  • Sweet Movie. 1974. DVD.
     Sweet Movie is a 1974 avant-garde art house comedy-drama film written and directed by Yugoslavian director Dušan Makavejev.
    An international co-production of companies from France, Canada, and West Germany, the film follows two women: a Canadian beauty queen, who represents a modern commodity culture, and a captain aboard a ship laden with candy and sugar, who is a failed communist revolutionary.
    One narrative follows Miss Monde 1984/Miss Canada, who wins a contest of the "most virgin"; her prize is the marriage to a milk industry tycoon. However, following his degrading puritanical introduction to intercourse, she vents her intention to leave to her mother-in-law who, at that point, nearly has her killed. The family bodyguard takes her away, further humiliates her, and finally packs her in a trunk bound for Paris. She finds herself on the Eiffel Tower, where she absently meets and has intercourse with a Latin singer, El Macho. The sexual act is interrupted by touring nuns who frighten the lovers into penis captivus. In her post-coital shocked state, she is adopted into an artist community led by Otto Muehl, where she finds affectionate care. The commune practices some liberating sessions, where a member, with the assistance of the others, goes through a (re)birth experience, cries, urinates and defecates like a baby, while the others are cleaning and pampering him. Later she is seen acting for an obscene advertisement, in which she is naked, covered in liquid chocolate.
    The second narrative involves a woman, Anna Planeta piloting a candy-filled boat in the canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a large papier-mache head of Karl Marx on the prow. She picks up the hitchhiking sailor Potemkin, though she warns him that if he falls in love, she will kill him. He ignores her many suggestions for him to leave and their relationship evolves. Eventually, in the state of love making, she stabs him to death in their nidus of sugar. She also seduces children into her world of sweets and revolution. She is eventually apprehended and arrested by the police who lay down plastic sacks containing the children's bodies on the side of the canal, implying they too have been killed by Planeta. The film ends with the children, unseen by the others, being reborn from their plastic cocoons.
    Director: Dušan Makavejev.
    Writers: France Gallagher (collaboration), Dušan Makavejev.
    Cast: Carole Laure, Pierre Clémenti, Anna Prucnal, Sami Frey, Jane Mallett, Roy Callender, John Vernon, Hansi Roll, Therese Schulmeister, Renata Steiger, Berndt Stein, Herbert Stumpfl, Otto Muehl, Catherine Sola, Louis Bessières.
    France, Canada, West Germany, 1974.
    Language: English, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    Download DVD Sweet Movie. 1974.
    Sweet Movie. 1974. DVD.
    Sweet Movie. 1974. DVD.
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  • Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961.
     Csutakkal mindig csak baj van, a kisfiút még társai sem szívesen veszik be a játékba. Magányosan telik a szünidő, míg egy nap el nem köti a fuvaros nő vágóhídra való rozzant gebéjét. Az új jövevény társasága már belépőt jelent a gyerekcsapatba, együtt próbálják elhelyezni a lovat. Először a lakótelepen, majd Katiék pincéjében rejtegetik, végül a szigeten, egy elhagyott lakókocsiban találnak neki helyet. A gyerekek minden idejüket itt töltik. A fuvaros nő azonban nyomozni kezd a gebe után. A ló egy nap eltűnik a gyerekek elől, s a felnőttek világa a szigetet is kezdi birtokba venni. Mire kezdődik az iskola, már csak az emlékek maradnak. Csutak azonban nincs többé egyedül, a nyári kaland óta ő a gyerekek vezére.
    Director: Zoltán Várkonyi.
    Cast: Ferenc Kiss, Anna Báró, Ferenc Kállai, Mari Szemes, Erzsi Orsolya, Gábor Veress, Tibor Polgár, Tünde Bedö, István Bánfalvi, Csaba Braun, Gábor Lorenc, Zoltán Veress.
    Hungary, Budapest Filmstúdió, 1961.
    Language: Hungarian.
    Download Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961.
    Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961.
    Csutak és a szürke ló. 1961.
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  • El día que resistía / The Endless Day. 2018.
    ES. Entre fiestas con caramelos, juegos de escondidas y paseos con su perro Coco, los hermanos Fan (9 años), Tino (7) y Claa (5) disfrutan de la ausencia de sus padres y le dan rienda suelta a la imaginación. Fan lleva sin dificultades la voz cantante, leyéndoles Hansel y Gretel a sus hermanos y advirtiéndoles del riesgo de adentrarse en el bosque que rodea a la misteriosa casa que habitan. De a poco, la libertad da paso a la alienación mientras los padres siguen sin aparecer: los roles de los tres hermanos se ponen en conflicto y la oscuridad que evitaban comienza a avanzar sobre ellos.
    EN. Alone in an isolated country house, Fan (9), Tino (7), and Claa (5) wait for their parents to come home. The wait feels endless, the solitude unsettling. Gradually the apparently innocent and playful world of the children transforms as its darker side unfolds. El día que resistía is inspired by the singularity of the childhood experience explored close-up through an unconventional narrative.
    Director: Alessia Chiesa.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 68.
    A new edition of the collection of short films in which 5 mini-films.
    1. Boy-Razor. 2016.
    SE. En mobbad pojke försöker ge igen på sina plågoandar genom att sticka in ett upphittat rakblad på undersidan av rutschbanan han och hans fritidskompisar åker i. En historia om hur moralen får ta ett steg tillbaka när känslorna får styra. Och att när vi väl passerat gränsen har allt ett pris.
    EN. A bullied boy tries to get even with his tormentors by sticking a razorblade through a crack in a waterslide. When he realizes his revenge is out of proportion he starts a race against time to set things right again.
    Director: Peter Pontikis.
    Cast: Emanuel Addis, Frida Boström, Casper Engström, Kewin Engström, Ida Giorgi.
    Sweden, 2016.
    Language: Swedish.
    Subtitles: English.
    1280x720 HD
    2. Princess. 2017.
    When gang leader Ole (11) and his buddies Marco (10) and Milan (12) nicked twelve year old Davie's school bag, Ole would never in his wildest dreams have imagined that a short time later he would appear on stage with Davie at a school karaoke contest dressed as a princess with makeup on... neither could his friends.
    Director: Karsten Dahlem.
    Cast: Phillip Breu, Noah Lakmes, Emil Pai Pötschke, Avo Taremizod.
    Germany, 2017.
    Language: German.
    1280x720 HD
    3. Alicia. 1994.
    A naked teen girl is sitting on a chair while listening to the radio, when she suddenly starts to bleed. Then, two men dressed in latex drug her and take her away…
    Director: Jaume Balagueró.
    Cast: Danae, Ana Luna, Elena Luna, Pedro Antonio Segura.
    Spain, 1994.
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: Russians.
    4. Nezabyvaemiy den / Unforgetable day.
    Good old, yet Soviet, Georgian cinema - to the village from a city came the girl. She met with the two boys, brothers, who roam on local surroundings and scare women "wolf howl".
    Director: Tengiz Magalashvili.
    USSR, Georgia-Film, 1978.
    Language: Russian.
    5. Beauty. 2014.
    Animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro tackles the emotions evoked by classic art. Take a selection of classic, centuries old paintings, captured moments of great beauty, and bring them to life, ever so gently, so as not to disturb or somehow cheapen the emotions they evoke. That's exactly what Rino Stefano Tagliafierro did in his short film. Through the use of modern digital tools, Rino lifts from the immobility of the canvas the expressive force behind the original subjects.
    Director: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro.
    Italy, 2014.
    Language: None.
    1280x720 HD
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 68.
    Anthology of short films. Part 68.
    Anthology of short films. Part 68.
    Anthology of short films. Part 68.
    Anthology of short films. Part 68.
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  • Aislados / Isolated. 2000. HD.
    Documentary TV Series Amazonîa, última llamada / Amazonia: Last Call.
    Episode 2. Aislados / Isolated.
    The tribe Zo'é shows his way of life and their perception of the world. We will know the identity of this isolated village through their daily actions, we will see how is your relationship with the environment around them and with their own kind. We will live for several months along with 184 members of this ethnic group, one of the last groups living in the countryside, ignoring our history and reigning over the Amazon jungle for centuries.
    This series (Amazonia: Last Call) travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon.
    The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E, the encroachment on areas of the Amazonian forest previously uncaptured on film, the evidence relating to the development of the illegal trafficking of species or the recording of the immeasurable value of Brazil's natural spaces; these are just excerpts from the series. The underlying theme is the conflict between the development and conservation of one of the key natural areas underpinning the stability of the planet.
    Director: Luis Miguel Domínguez.
    Spain, 2000.
    Language: Spanish.
    1280x720 HD
    Download Aislados / Isolated. 2000.
    Aislados / Isolated. 2000. HD.
    Aislados / Isolated. 2000. HD.
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  • Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004.
     High in the rugged highlands of the New Guinea rainforests live an elusive tribe called the Mek. Their villages cling to mountain peaks, which soar to a staggering fifteen thousand feet. The Mek\'s recent history is one of cannibalism and tribal warfare. They still maintain their ancestral customs, virtually untouched by the outside world. This is the story of one of the elders, Barnabas, and the coming of age of two young Mek boys, Mabet and Dimius.
    Director: John Miles.
    UK, 2004 (2002).
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: Portuguese.
    Warning: poor quality video.
    Download Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004.
    Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004.
    Path to Manhood: The Mek, Papua New Guinea. 2004.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 67.
     The new issue of the anthology of short films number 67 online now. Today this collection contains 8 minifilms both old and new, both documentaries and feature films from around the world.
    1. Rakastan Annaa / I Love Anna. 2016.
    Santeri (13) looks on as older guys are driving their motor bikes and wants to be part of their world. He combs his hair and goes to meet his friend Anna (13). At Anna's home childhood's anarchy meets puberty.
    Director: Joonas Rutanen.
    Cast: Sebastian Ruotanen, Anna Kare, Hilla Pekkarinen.
    Finland, 2016.
    Language: Finnish.
    Subtitles: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    2. The Maiden Affair. 2014.
    The film captures the life of Coddy, a 12 year old boy, who is immensely attracted to his Nanny. A classic story of love at first sight.
    Director: Amit Chandra.
    Cast: Nazar Atay, Leila Rusciani, Ana Carolina Lima, Matthew De Cola.
    USA, 2014.
    Language: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    3. Tin & Tina. 2013.
    Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.
    Director: Rubin Stein.
    Cast: Ana Blanco de Córdova, Sasha Di Bendetto, Manolo Cuervo.
    Spain, 2013.
    Language: Spanish, English.
    1280x720 HD
    4. Dag vreemde man / Hello, Stranger. 2016.
    Arthur is a single dad, struggling with the care for his seven-year-old son Max and the combination of his secret life as a drag queen.
    Director: Anthony Schatteman.
    Cast: Delfine Bafort, Tobias Giët, Wim Opbrouck, Arend Pinoy, Tine van den Brande.
    Belgium, 2016.
    Language: Dutch.
    Subtitles: English.
    1280x720 HD
    5. Peterchen auf Rügen. 2014.
    Peterchen besucht seinen Cousin Paul auf Rügen, dort gehen sie mit Pauls bestem Freund Robert an einen FKK-Strand. Zuerst sieht es nach einem tollen Tag aus ... doch dann erwacht Peterchen am Strand und ist ganz allein und nackt! Was soll er jetzt bloß tun? Am Horizont ziehen bereits erste dunkle Wolken auf, und so steuert er eine Bushaltestelle an, um mit dem Bus nach Hause fahren zu wollen ... Doch da hat Peterchen seine Rechnung ohne die zahlreichen Erwachsenen gemacht, die ihn mit Verwürfen konfrontieren, warum er hier an der Haltestelle nackt sitzt und auf den Bus wartet ... Ein schreckliches Tohuwabohu nimmt seinen Lauf, das Peterchen nicht versteht. Denn noch vor 10 Minuten war es völlig in Ordnung, nackt an einem Strand zu liegen ... Erste Erwachsene ergreifen Partei für den Jungen und die Geschichte nimmt einen sonderbaren Verlauf ... bis sie sich auf magische Weise in Wohlgefallen auflöst...
    Director: Marlon Baker.
    Cast: Philipp Redöhl, Iris Schröter, Steven Kleinert.
    Germany, 2014.
    Language: German
    Subtitles: English.
    1280x720 HD
    6. En el espejo del cielo / In the Mirror of the Sky. 1998.
    A reflection on a young boy's steps toward maturity. A boy of seven or eight lives with his mother in a small house in rural Mexico. He wants to capture a jet airplane that flies over the fields every day. He tries to grab its reflection when it passes across the animals' watering hole. First, he tries leaping astride the reflection, another day he flings one of his mother's blankets over it as it passes. Then, he builds a box with a side flap he can close as the plane's reflection travels the surface of the pond. With success comes responsibility: what should he do with the plane once he's captured it in his box?
    Director: Carlos Salcés.
    Cast: Malcom Vargas, Alicia Laguna.
    Mexico, 1998.
    Language: None.
    7. Bilakoro. 1989.
    A group of children get together after school in a makeshift workshop, where they make toys: cars, catapults, guns, etc. This film takes us into their world: their games, their fights, their separations and reconciliations.
    Director: Dani Kouyate, Issa Traore
    Cast: Not available.
    Burkina Faso, 1989.
    Language: French.
    8. Dasihâ Zumze.
    Dasihâ Zumze - um registro da infância Xerente: vídeo faz um registro sobre as antigas brincadeiras infantis da Aldeia Porteira, etnia Xerente, localizada em Tocantínia, TO. Realizado dentro da disciplina de Projeto Experimental II, Curso de Comunicação Social - Jornalismo, da UFT - Universidade Federal do Tocantins.
    Produção e Roteiro: Edvaldo Xerente, Joana D'arc Oliveira, José do Patrocínio e Juliana Carneiro.
    Imagens: Bob Maia; Edição: Joana D'arc Remígio; Projeto Acadêmico: Flávia Melo; Orientação: Profas. Dras. Liana Vidigal e Edna Mello.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 67.
    Anthology of short films. Part 67.
    Anthology of short films. Part 67.
    Anthology of short films. Part 67.
    Anthology of short films. Part 67.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 31.
    On the screens of the country and the world is a new, thirty-first in a row, issue of a collection of short films. All minifilms are new, or almost, as always, of different countries and peoples with the most diverse problems - from fiction and horror to lyrics and fun, so in this collection exactly 7 short films.
    1. I Love Sarah Jane.
    Jimbo is thirteen and he has a crush on Sarah Jane, the girl of his dreams. She still doesn't want to hear of him. But Jimbo is persistent. He will make Sarah Jane fall for him, no matter how long it must take. And what does he care if he lives in a post-apocalyptic environment? If all the adults are dead? If the place is infested with zombies? Jimbo loves Sarah Jane. That's that.
    Director: Spencer Susser.
    Cast: Brad Ashby (Jimbo), Mia Wasikowska (Sarah Jane), Vladimir Matovic (Joey), Richard Mueck (Zombie).
    Australia, 2008.
    1024x576 HD.
    2. Julian.
    Set in a year 4 classroom in 1981, "Julian" explores a day in the life of a 9-year-old boy. Julian's need to speak his truth and his strong urge to do what he thinks is right begins to unravel his world. Throughout the day Julian is forced to deal with a bully, an impatient teacher turning a blind eye and a principal with a secret. As Julian faces these challenges we begin to see the qualities that will inform the man he is to become.
    Director: Matthew Moore.
    Cast: Ed Oxenbould (Julian), Leon Ford (Mr. Braybon), Morgana Davies (Cassandra), Will Cottle (Carl), Christopher Stollery (Mr. Dexter).
    Australia, 2012.
    3. Sortie de route / Off the road.
    Paul, fourteen, neglects his studies to spend all his time on his moped, to the consternation of his parents. When his beloved moped disappears, none of his nearest and dearest seem to realize what this means to him. Paul soon tracks down the thief, Karim, a young apprentice mechanic of his own age. From this an unexpected relationship develops.
    Director: Tristan Aymon, David Maye.
    Cast: Benjamin Eggenberg, Samir Melly, Eric Chappot, Allan Gapany, Stefanie Gunther.
    Switzerland, 2014.
    Language: French.
    1280x720 HD.
    4. Kus.
    Boy accompanies his father to the war.
    Director: Joost van Ginkel.
    Cast: Koen Dobbelaer, Thijs Romer, Margien van Doesen.
    Netherlands, 2009.
    Language: Dutch.
    5. Tits.
    Sam is a 13-year-old boy. He goes to a school for boys where the corridors seem to exude centuries-old testosterone. In that world of small uniformed men, Sam grows a pair of tits. His desperate attempts to hide the monstrosity in his body fail when he is forced to take swimming lessons. The belts, the t-shirts and the shirts with which Sam kept his secret will no longer be of any use. Blythe, the class bully, has discovered why the new kid is so reserved. Blythe and Sam test each other, fear each other, each of them is, to the other, a glance of what they'll become and, in that suspicion, they find themselves being accomplices to their own insecurities.
    Director: Alex Winckler.
    Cast: Josh Beaney-Ford, Arthur Byrne, Juliet Cowan.
    UK, 2013.
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    6. All Flowers in Time.
    "I am not from this place," declares a French cowboy. An old toothless man asks, "Do you know why you're here?" These shape-shifting personalities infect young children with an evil signal in the form of a Dutch TV show. The red-eyed girls and boys believe they can now become other people and monsters, much to their delight.
    Director: Jonathan Caouette.
    Cast: Chandler Frantz, Carolyn Bosco, Joshua Caouette.
    USA, Canadn, 2010.
    Language: English.
    1280x720 HD.
    7. Valuri.
    A beautiful Western woman asks a Gypsy to watch her four-year-old child while she is taught how to swim by a flirtatious married man.
    Director: Adrian Sitaru.
    Cast: Sergiu Costache, Roberto Bors, Adrian Titieni, Vlad Voda, Clara Voda.
    Romania, 2007.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 31.
    Anthology of short films. Part 31.
    Anthology of short films. Part 31.

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  • Udivitelnaya nakhodka, ili samye obyknovennyye chudesa. 1986.
     Soviet feature film based on the novel by Vladislav Krapivin "Boltik".
    Nine-year-old Maxim Rybkin, overprotected by his mother and grandmother, grows up as a cowardly and timid child, but once he finds a bolt and sees a dream, from which he learns that this object is endowed with magic power to help it achieve its goals. Believing in this, the boy becomes bold and decisive - bravely rushes to extinguish the fire, wins the bicycle race, after which he forgets about the “wonderful” bolt...
    Director: Mark Tolmachyov.
    Cast: Yaroslav Yesinovskiy, Filipp Salimonenko, Nastya Burlakova, Aleksandr Delibash, Anton Artemenko, Masha Kovtun, Yuriy Zvyagintsev, Marina Stankova, Vitaliy Doroshenko, Mariya Vinogradova, Nina Ruslanova, Irina (Iren) Azer.
    USSR,  Odessa Film Studios, 1986.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Udivitelnaya nakhodka, ili samye obyknovennyye chudesa. 1986.
    Udivitelnaya nakhodka, ili samye obyknovennyye chudesa. 1986.
    Udivitelnaya nakhodka, ili samye obyknovennyye chudesa. 1986.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 27.
     The new release of the collection of short films number 27, four completely different minifilms.
    1. Lille Mand.
    A young boy decides to write an article about the opposite sex for his homework assignment, entitled "The Way Girls Are".
    Director: Esben Tønnesen.
    Cast: Nikolaj Rasmussen, Malene Rasmussen, Lotte Bergstrøm, Beate Bille.
     Denmark, 2006.
    2. The Six Dollar Fifty Man.
    It's hard to look after yourself in the playground when you're different. Set in 1970s New Zealand, The Six Dollar Fifty Man follows Andy, a gutsy eight year-old boy who lives in a make believe superhero world where his imagination allows him to perform extraordinary physical feats, to deal with playground bullies. But when Andy gets in trouble with the headmaster, he realises that to save himself & his only friend Mary, he must face up to the real world.
    Directors: Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland.
    Cast: Oscar Vandy-Connor, Celina Russo-Bewick, Nick Blake, Carmel McGlone, Thomas Kimber, Sam Ahie.
    New Zealand; Sticky Pictures, 2009.
    Language: English.
    3. The 8-limbed Boy.
    Ten year old Indian Boy , from Bihar, was suffering from Parasitic until his operation done in October, 2010 by six surgeons in Fortis Hospital. His parents and doctor who delivered him was astonished when they found that Deepak had 8 limbs. Immediately his parents brought him to city hospital but doctors couldn’t do anything because it might cost his life and suggested them to wait for few years till he became mature enough so that he could tolerate this long operation and made them aware that he mightn’t survive because case fatality rate is extremely high in Parasitic twin.
    Local media gave him a name “The Eight-Limbed Boy” and his story grabbed enough attention. Some considered this innocent baby was possessed by demon and they stayed away from him. Even his school friends avoided him...
    Director: Ashok Prasad.
    Cast: Deepak Kumar Paswan, Indu Devi Paswan, Viresh Paswan, Dr Ramcharan Thiagarajan.
    USA, 2010.
    4. Bolero.
    Fractured account of a boy who breaks free from his miserable life after meeting a mysterious girl who lives in the wall, all set to the entirety of Ravel's 'Bolero'.
    Director: Dennis Brucks.
    Cast: Christian Traeumer, Eva Marie Ford, Philip Marlatt, Terry Maratos, Lucy Rayner
    USA, 2012.
    Anthology of short films. Part 27.
    Anthology of short films. Part 27.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 21.
     The twenty-first issue of a collection of short films, today in the program the good old Soviet movies. Only three units: two feature films and one documentary.
    1. Aistyonok.
    Based on the novel by Aleksei Dudarev. The ten-year-old Vaska in his native village was nicknamed the Constructor for always inventing or improving something. His favorite activity was tinkering and flying kites.
    Director: Valery Basov.
    Cast: Slava Yurevich, Yura Bardian, Aleksandra Zimina, Alla Yelyashevich, Gennadiy Garbuk, Sergey Zhuravel, Arnold Pomazan, Viktor Gudinovich, Pavel Dubashinskiy, Nikolay Kirichenko, Sergey Kravchenko, Yevgeniy Kryzhanovskiy, Yuriy Lesnoy, Anatoliy Lutsevich.
    USSR, 1981.
    2. სოლო სალამურისთვის / Solo dlya svireli.
    The old Georgian short film about the rich imagination of the five-year-old boy Irakly, his musical experiments and relationships with adults. In one of their episodes also used the plot of the story of Herbert Wells "The Magic Shop." In the film, the orchestra of kindergarten No. 27 in Tbilisi was filmed.
    Director: Darya Gurina / დარია ხოჯავა.
    Cast: Irakli Beriashvili, Yazon Bakradze, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Rusudan Kiknadze, Meya Megrelishvili.
    USSR, Georgia Film, 1976.
    Language: Russian.
    3. Voskresnyye deti.
    Documentary film about the life of children from the Zhigulevsk orphanage.
    Director: A. Mironova.
    USSR, Kuybyshev-telefilm, 1989.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 21.
    Anthology of short films. Part 21.
    Anthology of short films. Part 21.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 20.
    The new release of the collection of short films number 20, this time rather unusual and even strange, just four mini-films.
    1. Houdinis hund / Houdini's Hound.
    En gutt og en pike lekte på stranden.
    Han var hennes slave nedgravd i sanden.
    En hund forsvant og gutten ble vekk.
    Den sjefete piken fikk seg en smekk.
    Director: Sara Johnsen.
    Cast: Klara Amanda Felicia Døving, Jo Mikkel Sjaastad, dog.
    Norway, 2002.
    Language: Norwegian.
    Subtitles: Russians.
    2. Hormoner og andre demoner.
    Eddie ønsker å vokse opp og å ha bryster. Under sommerferien sammen med familien treffer hun Lukas og hun håper nå at hans oppmerksomhet gjør henne til en kvinne. Men er vi egentlig definert hvem vi er gjennom andres øyne?
    Director: Sara Johnsen.
    Cast: Elena Biuso, Celine Engebretsen, Thomas Robertson, Knut Simensen.
    Norway, 2001.
    3. Margelle / On the Edge.
    In Boujaâd, a Moroccan town where ancient myths and legends are rife, seven-year-old Karim, the only son of his modest parents struggles with his childhood fears and his urgent desire to be a man.
    Director: Omar Mouldouira.
    Cast: Touria Alaoui, Hamza Alkaoui, Oussama Bahouane, Hatim Seddiki.
    Morocco, 2012.
    4. A Day with the Boys.
    And one more strange short film, the name speaks for itself...
    Director: Clu Gulager.
    Cast: Mike Hertel, Jack Grindle, John McCaffrey, William Elliott, Craig Williams, Mark Spirtos, John Gulager.
    USA, 1969.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 20.
    Anthology of short films. Part 20.
    Anthology of short films. Part 20.
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  • Anthology of short films. Part 16.
     The sixteenth issue is a compilation of shorts. As usual minifilms from around the world, interesting and one almost brilliant, just exactly 5 pieces.
    1. Once upon a time on the beach.
    The story of a young boy, bullied at school. His thirst for revenge and desire to win back his mother's attention and love lead him to a confrontation with the dark undercurrents of his own identity and the familial relationships that help to define him.
    Director: Byron Lamarque.
    Cast: Jaryd Heidrick, Riley Cantner, Mikka Dargel, Gardiner Millar.
    Canada, 2002.
    2. Foretaste Of Spring.
    A young boy about 10 or 11 is playing in the woods by himself. Then he meets a woman who then gives him a head band and a
    feather and paints some stripes on his face with her lipstick. So now he looks like a little indian. The boy then strips of all his clothes
    and continues to play in the woods.
    Director: Angela Rohrer.
    Cast: Fabio Fusco, Anna Greipl, Noemi Stöckli.
    Switzerland, 2007.
    3. Eremittkrepsen.
    Short movie about 8 years old girl who lives with quarreling parents. She tries to build psychological screen taking care of little mollusc.
    Director: Tove C. Sverdrup.
    Cast: Nicoline Haugsvær, Anneke von der Lippe, Jan Grønli,
    Norway, 1995.
    4. Palace II.
    Two young boys, Laranjinha and Acerola, living in Cidade de Deus, one of the most violent neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, need some money to go to a concert. The "easiest" (and most dangerous) way to get it is working for some drug-dealers.
    Directors: Kátia Lund, Fernando Meirelles.
    Cast: Douglas Silva, Darlan Cunha, Rubens Sabino.
    Brazil, 2000.
    5. Stuhle im Schnee.
    Just a horrible story....
    Director: PeeWee Horris.
    Cast: Josefine Preuß, Alexander Sternberg.
    Germany, 2007.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 16.
    Anthology of short films. Part 16.
    Anthology of short films. Part 16.
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    Anthology of short films. Part 13.
    The thirteenth part of a collection of short films, this time mostly old and rare 5 minifilms.
    1. Ya syuda bolshe nikogda ne vernus / Lyuba. 
    The tragic short story of Rolan Bykov, shot by order of UNESCO, is included in the international film almanac “Haw are the kids”. An alcoholic mother beats up and kicks six-year-old Lyuba out of the house. The child runs off into a nook in the forest where she hides her toys. She plays with them, copying her life full of nightmares, beatings and swearing at her mother. She simply does not know anything else. Then she goes home, but, remembering what her is waiting there, she shouts: "I will never come back here again!"...
    USSR, 1990.
    Language: Russian.
    2. Pioniri maleni. 
    Documentary short film by one of the founders of the Yugoslav black wave and is dedicated to street children.
    Director: Zelimir Zilnik.
    Yugoslavia, 1967.
    3. Eight. 
    One day in the life of an eight-year-old football fan who is experiencing stress due to the loss of his father and moving to a new place of residence.
    Director: Stephen Daldry.
    UK, 1998.
    4. Días sin luz / Days Without Light. 
    Another narcotic delirium by Jaime Balagueró on the topic "Why do mothers abandon their children?"
    Director: Jaume Balagueró.
    Spain, 1995.
    5. Something very ancient called "Surprise", let it remain so a surprise...
    Anthology of short films. Part 13.
    Anthology of short films. Part 13.

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