• Правда о сауне, правда о финнах / The Truth About Sauna: The Truth About Finns. 2008.
     Taking sauna is the Finnish people's national obsession, so there are two of the per five Fins, and they build theme everywhere, even on military operations and aboard vessels, but preferably near a lake, to dive in even on ice days, with trees to cut whisking birches from. Weekly, usually on Saturday, is considered a hygienic minimum, daily the good life, especially in summer and holidays. It's a family and/or social activity, relaxing and removing social barriers, but also linked to sports and all kinds of bonding.
    Director: Nina Stenros, Anu Valve.
    Cast: Sirkka-Liisa Anttila, Jorn Donner, Neil Hardwick, Jonathan Hutchings, Urho Kekkonen, Paavo Nurmi.
    Finland, Germany, France, 2008.
    1024x576 HD.
    Download The Truth About Sauna: The Truth About Finns.
    Правда о сауне, правда о финнах / The Truth About Sauna: The Truth About Finns. 2008.
    The Truth About Sauna: The Truth About Finns. 2008.

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  • Дитя океана / L'enfant d'eau. 1995.
     1. A small plane crashes in the Caribbean, leaving only two survivors: a precocious teenage girl and a simple-minded grown-up. They end up on a desert island, with no inhabitants and no rescue in sight, and split. Then, a friendship bond develops between the two. The teenager, realizing she may not live long enough to see this experience, and the grown-up, never faced with this reality, soon fall in love
    2. The plane crashed into the sea. Survived a girl of twelve years and adult guy mentally retarded. They were on an island in the Caribbean Sea. Everything that happens to them, girl writes in her diary.  There are many different events.
    Director: Robert Menard.
    Cast: David La Haye, Marie-France Monette, Gilbert Sicotte, Danielle Proulx, Monique Spaziani.
    Canada, 1995.
    Language: French.
    Subtitles: English.
    Download L'enfant d'eau.
    Дитя океана / L'enfant d'eau. 1995.
     L'enfant d'eau. 1995.

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  • Отель «Цветок страсти» / Leidenschaftliche Bluemchen / Boarding School.
     Summer of 1956. Curious American girl Deborah Collins (Kinski) arrives at the St. Clara's Boarding School in Switzerland. The school headmistress wants to use Deborah as a tool to discipline the other girls but she is revealed to be more experienced and daring in sexual matters. The girls now plot to lose their virginity with the boys in the private school across the lake. After Deborah finally has sex with Frederick Sinclair (Sundquist) in a romantic setting, she is expelled and the other girls feel that everything will be so sad and boring without her. She informs the headmistress that she will tell everyone that the school is run by disreputable teachers if she expels the other girls. She departs on a train after kissing Frederick goodbye.
    Director: Andre Farwagi.
    Cast: Nastassja Kinski, Gerry Sundquist, Stefano D'Amato ,Carolin Ohrner, Gabriele Blum, Sean Chapman, Véronique Delbourg, Nigel Greaves, Marion Kracht, Kurt Raab, Fabiana Udenio, Peter Schmidt Pawloff.
    West Germany, 1978.
    Language: German.
    Отель «Цветок страсти» / Leidenschaftliche Bluemchen / Boarding School. 1978.
    Leidenschaftliche Bluemchen / Boarding School. 1978.

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  • Штайн / Stein. 1990.Ernst Stein (Rolf Ludwig) used to be a classical actor in the East German stage, but he was so disgusted by the use of his country's soldiers to help put down the 1968 freedom movement in Czechoslovakia that he walked off the stage in the middle of a performance of King Lear. Since then, he has been living in seclusion in his country house, surrounded by young admirers. Nothing, it seems, will deter him from living as he pleases now, certainly not the tanks that rumble past his door; mere soldiers attempting to break into his home present almost no challenge to him. He continues entertaining his young friends with impromptu performances in the grand style, and they engage in lively banter in a difficult to understand Berlin dialect. Like this film's leading character, director Egon Gunther walked away from his career in disgust, and emigrated to West Germany and freedom. The reunification of Germany allowed him to work with old colleagues for the first time in ten years, and this film was received with great appreciation when it was shown at the 1991 Munich Film Festival.
    Director: Egon Gunther.

    Cast: Rolf Ludwig, Franziska Herold, Eveline Dahm, Johanna Mohring, Margit Bendokat, Uwe Dag Berlin, Eckhard Doblies, Jorg Foth, Gerhard Handel, Alexander Hetterle.
    DDR,  DEFA, 1990.
    Language: German.
    Download Stein.
    Штайн / Stein. 1990.
     Stein. 1990.
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    Сиротка / Árvácska / Nobody's Daughter. 1976. DVD.
    HU. Móricz Zsigmond kisregényének megrendítően szép feldolgozása. A kis árvalányt, Csörét a szegény Dudásék az árvaházi kihelyezési díjért veszik magukhoz. A kegyetlen bánásmód elől a kislány megszökik, ismét árvaházba, majd a még embertelenebb Szennyesék portájára kerül. Miután egyetlen támasza, a melegszívű öreg Vénisten meghal, a szerencsétlen gyerek véletlenül felgyújtja kínzatásai színhelyét.
    EN. Csöre, the seven-year-old orphan, is maltreated by her foster-parents. They punish her severely for every tiny mistake she makes. Csöre runs away and an other family adopt her, nevertheless she is abused more than ever before.
    Director: László Ranódy, Gyula Mészáros.

    Cast: Zsuzsa Czinkóczi, Anna Nagy, Sándor Horváth, Marianna Moór, József Bihari, Ila Schütz, Ádám Szirtes, Piroska Molnár, József Madaras, László Szacsvay.
    Hungary, 1976.
    Language: Hungarian, Russian.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download DVD Árvácska / Nobody's Daughter.

    Сиротка / Árvácska / Nobody's Daughter. 1976. DVD.
    Árvácska / Nobody's Daughter. 1976. DVD.
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  • Эли / Heli. 2013.
     Love story between a young girl and a police man, both of them had connections with drugs but in opposite ways. This will create a conflict that love will try to overcome.
    A dark and twisted tale set in Mexico with beautiful cinematography. It might be very hard to watch for its long takes and some incredibly disturbing scenes.
    "Heli" tells the tragic story of main character (Heli), a teenager, and his sister's boyfriend, a soldier, who gets Heli's family in trouble when he tries to steal some cocaine.
    Director: Amat Escalante.
    Cast: Armando Espitia, Andrea Vergara, Linda González, Reina Torres, Ramon Alvarez, Gabriel Reyes, Felix Alberto Pegueros Herrera, Kenny Johnston, Juan Eduardo Palacios, Eduardo Rene Salazar Güereca.
    Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, France, 2013.
    Language: Spanish, Russian.
    Subtitles: English.
     1280x720 HD.
    Download Heli.
    Эли / Heli. 2013.
    Heli. 2013.

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