• Непобедимый космический Стрикер / Invincible Space Streaker. 1988.Непобедимый космический Стрикер / Invincible Space Streaker. 1988.

     An evil scientist turning people into creatures to do his bidding. Adults are hard to control so he lures a group of boys to his lab. He doesn't quite have the hang of it and after several failures gets it working properly on Hsiao Po. The process is interrupted when Hsiao Wen takes a piss on the control panel. The boys escape and the process is eventually completed by the evil scientist's good brother, and we have our superhero. What follows is a group sing-a-long at an amusement park, motorcycle chases and fights between our hero and lots of bad guys in ridiculous costumes.
    Director: Albert Yue.
    Cast: Lin Hsiao-Hu, Woo Yue-Hong, Michael Fung Kin-Kuen, Li Ming-Chun, Lan Yun, Chan Pooi-Ling.
    Hong Kong, 1988.
    Language: Chinese.
    Subtitles: English, Chinese.
    Непобедимый космический Стрикер / Invincible Space Streaker. 1988.
     Invincible Space Streaker. 1988.

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  • Индия / La India. 1975.
     A boy after watching his mother making love to another man becomes obsessed with her, to the point that as he grows up becomes a rival to her mother's (a cabaret dancer called LA India) lover.
    From a 70's Mexican film we are always expecting something out of the normal to say the least, this one its not above those expectations, a mix of a weird story, surrealism and oedipus complex all under teh Mexican sun make this one a real winner. The director works well with the actors, but sometimes over use a bit those long close-up shots, and does divide the film in two different parts, one more conventional with a normal story, the other a more surrealist, but still a very positive work.
    ...Calling for mummy never was so weird.
    Director: Rogelio A. Gonzalez.
    Cast: Isela Vega, Jorge Martinez de Hoyos, Jaime Moreno, Mario Almada, Sergio Calderon, Juan Carlos Legorreta, Luis Fabian, Lilia Prado.
    Mexico, 1975.
    Language: Spanish.
    Индия / La India. 1975.
    La India. 1975.
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  • Белое облако Каролин / Weiße Wolke Carolin. 1985.
     Hannes Wittspeck besucht die funfte Klasse im Dorf Boddenhagen am Greifswalder Bodden. Er ist mit der gleichaltrigen Carolin befreundet und verliebt sich schlie?lich in sie. Er vergleicht sie mit einer wei?en Wolke am Himmel und erinnert sich beim Blick in die Wolken immer wieder an sie. Die Klassenlehrerin akzeptiert die erste Liebe zwar, war sie beim ersten Verliebtsein doch auch erst zwolf Jahre alt, doch erhalt Hannes nun ofter Tadel, weil er im Unterricht unaufmerksam ist oder durch trotzige Antworten stort. Carolins Mutter ist mit der Beziehung einverstanden, Hannes’ Mutter reagiert eher gereizt, wahrend der Vater Hannes freundschaftlich helfen will. Bald hat Hannes ersten Liebeskummer, da die aktive Pionierin Carolin ihre Freizeit oft mit Benno verbringt, der stets Bonbons dabeihat und sich ebenfalls als Pionier engagiert. Hannes wiederum wird ofter von Kerstin angesprochen, hat er doch im Boddenwasser ein eignerloses Motorboot gefunden, das nach den Regeln des Boddens dem Finder gehort. Hannes kann nun auf dem Bodden fahren und Kerstin sieht sich gerne als Passagierin...
    Director: Rolf Losansky.
    Cast: Andreas Roll, Constanze Berndt, Kirsten Rolletschek, Steffen Raschke, Jana Ziegler, Petra Kelling, Carl-Hermann Risse, Miroslav Machácek, Wilfried Pucher, Renee Kubsch.
    DDR, DEFA, 1985.
    Language: German, Russian.
    Белое облако Каролин / Weiße Wolke Carolin. 1985.
     Weiße Wolke Carolin. 1985.

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  • Совершенно невозможная история / Eine vollkommen erlogene Geschichte. 1977.
    Caroline und Tobias wünschen sich einen Wahrmacher, der ihre Lügen wahr werden lässt. Vor allem Tobias braucht ihn dringend, denn im Zeugnis hat er eine Vier in Mathe kassiert. Gemeinsam verstecken die Geschwister das schlechte Zeugnis im Kohlenkeller. Die Eltern schwindeln sie an: Die Lehrerin würde ein neues Zeugnis mit besserer Mathe-Note vorbei bringen. Und tatsächlich: Ihre Lügengeschichte wird wahr! Es ist unglaublich: Alles, was sie aussprechen, geht auf einmal in Erfüllung.
    Director: Gunter Friedrich.
    Cast: Olaf Ernst, Susanne Junewitz, Brigitte Peters, Ekkehard Hahn, Liselott Baumgarten, Hans Jürgen Wildgrube.
    DDR, DEFA, 1977.
    Language: German, Russian.
    Download Eine vollkommen erlogene Geschichte.
    Совершенно невозможная история / Eine vollkommen erlogene Geschichte. 1977.
    Eine vollkommen erlogene Geschichte. 1977.

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    Река / The River / Le fleuve. 1951.
    Harriet, now an adult, narrates the story of her coming of age growing up as a British national and a daughter of a jute press manager in the Bengal region of India, they living in the big house on the banks of one of the holy rivers. At the time, she is the eldest of six siblings - five girls and one boy - with another on the way and with she being significantly older the rest of her siblings. As such, she spends much time with an honorary member of their family, a late teen - not quite an adult - named Valerie, also a British national and the daughter of the jute press owner. Another friend, who recently arrived home from her western schooling, is Melanie, the biracial daughter of British national Mr. John and his then deceased Hindu wife. Both Mr. John and Melanie realize her difficult position, straddling both the Hindi and western cultures. Their small world is shaken up with the arrival of Captain John, Mr. John's cousin and an American ex-military man who has one prosthetic leg the result of his time in the war. He is a somewhat sullen man who is running away from anything that reminds him of his time before his physical disability. Regardless, he has an effect on all three of Harriet, Valerie and Melanie in different ways, that effect which nonetheless tests their friendships. In combination with other things that happen may provide Harriet with a bigger view of life in her coming of age.
    Director: Jean Renoir.
    Cast: Richard R.Foster, Nimai Barik, Nora Swinburne, Esmond Knight, Arthur Shields, Suprova Mukerjee, Thomas E. Breen, Radha, Adrienne Corri, Jane Harris, Jennifer Harris, Trilak Jetley, Ram Singh, Penelope Wilkinson, Cecilia Wood.
    France, UK, India, USA, 1951.
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: Russian, English, French.
    Download The River / Le fleuve.
    Река / The River / Le fleuve. 1951.
    The River / Le fleuve. 1951.
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  • Соль на коже / Du Sel Sur La Peau. 1984.
     The universally recognized topic of this light comedy is the struggle between refusing to fall in love only to be rejected, and falling in love, regardless. After a computer operator (Richard Bohringer) has been through a painful relationship, he is determined to look the other way every time any interesting woman enters his life. He has his other loves -- photography and model planes -- to challenge him anyway, though his mother is not about to understand how a model plane can replace a woman in his life. One day, a car breaks down in front of his house, and a young mother (Catherine Frot) with her 10-year-old daughter (Anne Clignet) come in looking for assistance. The daughter is endearing and would make a terrific subject for a photo contest. As both the young mother and the computer operator studiously ignore the flicker of romantic sparks, it is only a matter of time before the flame either grows or is extinguished. 
    Director: Jean-Marie Degèsves.
    Cast: Michel Bawedin, Liliane Becker, Richard Bohringer, Harry Cleven, Anne Clignet, Catherine Frot, Michel Galabru, Yvette Merlin.
    Belgium, 1984.
    Language: French.
     Download Du Sel Sur La Peau.
    Соль на коже / Du Sel Sur La Peau. 1984.
    Du Sel Sur La Peau. 1984.
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