Ложь / Gojitmal / Lies. 1999.
    A conscious exploration of fantasy and flesh. The director talks about the novel upon which the film is based, we see the crew at work, the actors talk about what's going on. Y, a schoolgirl of 18, chooses her first lover (rather than wait to be raped, as were her two older sisters). After phone sex with J, a sculptor who's 38, they begin an affair that, by the second meeting, includes spankings as foreplay. J brings a suitcase full of rods, hoses, and wires; Y gathers sticks to bring. Y's brother discovers the affair. J's wife, studying in Paris, calls him to join her. Will the lovers part? Will the violence get out of hand? When do the lies begin? 
    Director: Sun-Woo Jang.
    Cast: Sang Hyun Lee, Tae Yeon Kim, Hyun Joo Choi, Kwon Taek Han, Hyuk Poong Kwon, Myung Keum Jung, Min Soo Shin, Young Sun Cho, Mi Kyung Ahn, Kum Ja Yeom, Boo Ho Choi, Hye Won Goh, Chui Jin Kwak.
    South Korea, 1999.
    Language: Korean, Russian.
    Ложь / Gojitmal / Lies. 1999.
    Gojitmal / Lies. 1999.
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  • Ева: Искусственный разум / Eva. 2011. HD.
    Set in 2041, Alex Garel is a well-known robot programmer who after 10 years returns to his home town to work in his old university when his friend Julia brings him a project to create a new line of robot child. There Alex meets his brother David, Lana (Alex's former lover and David's current wife), and Eva, Alex's 10-years-old niece. Looking for inspiration, Alex asks Eva to be the muse of the new robot, watching her attitude and behavior during the time they spend together, making emotional tests to configure its personality. The relationship with his niece gives Alex doubts about finishing the project and awakens old feelings for Lana. At the same time he starts suspecting that perhaps the lovely and imaginative Eva is hiding an important secret about Lana and herself.
    Director: Kike Maillo.
    Cast: Daniel Brühl, Marta Etura, Alberto Ammann, Claudia Vega, Anne Canovas, Lluís Homar, Sara Rosa Losilla, Manel Dueso, Ona Casamiquela, Peter Vives, Juan Campavadal.
    Spain, France, 2011.
    Language: Spanish, Russian.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    1136x484 HD
    Download Eva. 2011.
    Ева: Искусственный разум / Eva. 2011. HD.
     Eva. 2011. HD.

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  • Колено Клер / Le genou de Claire / Claire's Knee. 1970.
    FR. Jérôme, trente-cinq ans, attaché d'ambassade, se rend près d'Annecy pour vendre la propriété familiale. Il y retrouve une ancienne amie, Aurora, romancière qui lui présente son hôtesse, Mme Walter, dont la fille Laura est une jeune lycéenne de seize ans. Après son départ Laura clame qu'elle est amoureuse de Jérôme, mais ce dernier va se laisser séduire par son amie Claire, dont il admire les genoux. Avant-dernière partie des "Six Contes Moraux".
    EN. Claire's Knee is a 1970 French drama film directed by Éric Rohmer. It is the fifth movie in the series of the Six Moral Tales.
    The story happens between 29 June and 29 July, presumably in 1970. (Inter-title cards of the dates are displayed before the daily events are shown.)
    While holidaying at Lake Annecy on the eve of his wedding, career diplomat Jérôme accidentally meets up with Aurora, an old personal friend. Through Aurora, he meets Aurora's landlady, Madame Walter, and Laura, Madame Walter's youngest teenage daughter. Observant Aurora detects Laura's crush on Jérôme, and advises Jérôme of such. After Jérôme and Laura take a hike in the mountains together, she confesses that she is "a little in love with" Jérôme.
    Days later (on 8 July), Laura's attractive older half-sister Claire arrives. Upon seeing Claire's knee on a ladder, he finds himself longing to touch her knee. However, Jérôme controls his temptation. Eventually an opportunity presents itself during a boat trip on the lake when Jérôme and Claire have to seek shelter in a hut from an approaching storm. Jérôme tells Claire that he saw her boyfriend, Gilles, together with another girl. When Claire starts to cry Jérôme consoles her by placing his hand upon Claire's knee.
     Director: Éric Rohmer.

    Cast: Jean-Claude Brialy, Aurora Cornu, Béatrice Romand, Laurence de Monaghan, Michèle Montel, Gérard Falconetti, Fabrice Luchini, Sandra Franchina.
    France, 1970.

    Language: French, Russian.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    984x720 HD
    Download Le genou de Claire / Claire's Knee.
    Колено Клер / Le genou de Claire / Claire's Knee. 1970.
    Le genou de Claire / Claire's Knee. 1970.
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  • Цветения пора / Lust och fägring stor / All Things Fair / Love Lessons. 1995.
    Malmö, Sweden during the Second World War. Stig is a 15 year old pupil on the verge of adulthood. Viola is 37 years old and his teacher. He is attracted by her beauty and maturity. She is drawn to him by his youth and innocence, a god-sent relief from her drunk and miserable husband. They start a passionate and forbidden relationship - but it has consequences they never could have expected. 
    Director: Bo Widerberg.
    Cast: Johan Widerberg, Marika Lagercrantz, Tomas von Brömssen, Karin Huldt, Nina Gunke, Björn Kjellman, Kenneth Milldoff, Frida Lindholm, Sigge Cederlund, George Bisset, Per Olov Börjeson.
    Denmark, Sweden, 1995.
    Language: Swedish, Russian.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Цветения пора / Lust och fägring stor / All Things Fair / Love Lessons. 1995.
     Lust och fägring stor / All Things Fair / Love Lessons. 1995.
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  • Маленькие беглецы / Viva Cuba! 2005.
    In a tale akin to Romeo and Juliet, the friendship between two children is threatened by their parents' differences. Malu is from an upper-class family and her single mother does not want her to play with Jorgito, as she thinks his background coarse and commonplace. Jorgito's mother is a poor socialist that is proud of her family's social standing. She places similar restriction on her son. What neither woman recognizes is the immense strength of the bond between Malu and Jorgito. When the children learn that Malu's mother is planning to leave Cuba, they decide to travel to the other side of the island to find Malu's father and persuade him against signing the forms that would allow it.
    Directors: Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, Iraida Malberti Cabrera.
    Cast: Malú Tarrau Broche, Jorge Milo, Luisa María Jiménez Rodríquez, Larisa Vega Alamar, Lieter Ledesma Alberto, Sara Cabrera, Pavel García Valdés, Albertico Pujols Acosta, Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti.
    France, Cuba, 2005.
    Маленькие беглецы / Viva Cuba! 2005.
     Viva Cuba! 2005.
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  • Лето 42-го / Summer of '42. 1971.
    Silent as a painting, the movie shows us day-dreamer Hermie and his friends Oscy and Benjie spending the summer of '42 on an US island with their parents - rather unaffected by WWII. While Oscy's main worries are the when and how of getting laid, Hermie honestly falls in love with the older Dorothy, who's married to an army pilot. When her husband returns to the front, Hermie shyly approaches her.
    Director: Robert Mulligan.
    Cast: Jennifer O'Neill, Gary Grimes, Jerry Houser, Oliver Conant, Katherine Allentuck, Christopher Norris, Lou Frizzell.
    USA, 1971.
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    Download Summer of '42.
    Лето 42-го / Summer of '42. 1971.
    Summer of '42. 1971.
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  • Примите телеграмму в долг / Primite telegrammu v dolg. 1979.
    "Primite telegrammu v dolg" - a feature film of 1979, created at the film studio Belarusfilm.
    Completely independent boy Sanya Linove decided to make his own jet aircraft. Applying for moral support to Academician Aleksandrov, and at the same time raising the question of the fuel necessary for his offspring, Sanya sent an urgent telegram to Moscow and began to earn money in order to start production.
    Director: Leonid Nechaev.
    Cast: Andrey Tikhonchik, Andrey Myagkov, Anastasiya Voznesenskaya, Yana Poplavskaya, Tatyana Pelttser, Evgeniy Evstigneev, Yekaterina Vasilyeva, Mariya Barabanova, Oleg Anofriev, Fyodor Odinokov, Denis Shtrykov.
    USSR,  Belarusfilm, 1979.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Primite telegrammu v dolg.
    Примите телеграмму в долг / Primite telegrammu v dolg. 1979.
    Primite telegrammu v dolg. 1979.
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  • Маго / Обнажённый Рай / Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.
     Mago (aka Naked Paradise) is a Korean film dealing with the rape of the earth through heavy-handed symbolism. It’s pure exploitation depicting hundreds of naked men and women and the slaughter and butchering of many animals.
    With a truly sickening opening scene of a street full of frogs being trampled underfoot and run over by vehicles, it gains your attention but also blows its own credibity (as a serious piece of art with a positive ecological message) by way of its hypocrisy. A gruesome slaughterhouse scene had one disturbing moment as you witness a dog splattered with blood having a rope put around its neck.(the film depicts rape scenes and over 800 actors and actresses nude–no crotch though)and Lots of shots of pollution and dying animals and also, (rather disturbing) real footage of real animals being slaughtered.
    Director: Hyeon-il Kang.
    Cast: Yi-rim Lee, Ae Ka, Ya Dan, Nam-hyeon Song, Young-hee Choi, Lee Young-Ran, Do-yeon Kim, Lee Eun-Mi.
    South Korea, 2002.
    Language: Korean.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Mago / Naked Paradise.
    Маго / Обнажённый Рай / Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.
    Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.
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  • Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
     Der Film stellte junge Leute in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehens, erzählte über ihre Freuden und Nöte, über ihre Träume und Erfahrungen. Natürlich wurden dabei Eltern und Erzieher in den Handlungsablauf mit einbezogen.
    Teil 1: Die Hauptfigur der zweiteiligen TV-Produktion, Frank Mosmann (Thomas Neumann), wird von seinen Freunden Moses genannt. Frank unterscheidet sich von anderen, weil er eine ganz besondere Art hat, die Welt zu betrachten. Geprägt ist seine Sicht auf die Dinge von einer wohltuenden Naivität und Freude zur Entdeckung. Als Frank nach dem Ende der Ferien nach Hause zurückkehrt, wird ihm ein seltsamer Spannungszustand in seiner Familie gewahr. Zur gleichen Zeit zieht eine neue Familie in Franks Haus ein, und er lernt das Mädchen Dinah (Andrea Böning) kennen.
    Teil 2: Dina (Petra Blossey), inzwischen 15 Jahre alt, und Moses (Peter Mansee), inzwischen 17 Jahre alt, begegnen sich nach einer Trennung von vier Jahren wieder. Moses lebt jetzt mit seiner Mutter in Berlin und ist Lehrling auf einer Baustelle. Erst in dieser Zeit erfährt er, dass er quasi nur “durch Zufall” auf der Welt ist - seine Eltern wollten ihn eigentlich nicht haben. Das ist für Moses ein tiefer Einschnitt in sein junges Leben, und er stellt sich die Frage, was er selbst aus seinem Leben machen wird. Dies verbindet er mit Überlegungen, was die Menschen um ihn herum aus ihrem Leben gemacht haben. Was ist letztlich das “wahre” Leben, das Moses sucht oder anders gefragt, was sollte man darunter verstehen? Zumindest eines ist klar: Dinah liebt Moses, so wie er ist.
    Director: Martin Eckermann.
    Cast: Mathis Schrader, Marianne Wünscher, Wolfgang Greese, Dieter Franke, Christa Lehmann, Dorothea Meißner, Hermann Hiesgen.
    Language: German.
    DDR, 1975.
    Download Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
    Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
    Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
    Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
    Bin ich Moses? 1975. 2 episodes.
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  • Зеркало загадок / I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly. 2008.
    It is close to Christmas. In a snow covered landscape in the countryside of Norway we meet 12 year old CECILIE, her friend KLARA and Cecilie's family. They are all preparing for Christmas Eve. Cecilie, however, is seriously ill and spends most of her time in bed, daydreaming about the Spanish boy SEBASTIAN who she met on holiday last summer. One night ARIEL shows up in Cecilie's bedroom, a small strange looking fellow who claims he is an angel and starts talking to Cecilie about the wonders of life. Cecilie finds Ariel quite irritating, but they agree that if Cecilie tells Ariel how it feels to be a human being, Ariel will tell Cecilie about angels and the mysteries of the universe. "Through a Glass, Darkly" is a moving, magic and playful story about a young girl who, at the end of her life, learns to accept death and understands how wonderful life really is. The script is based on the novel "Through a Glass, Darkly" by world famous Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder ("Sophie's World")...  
    Director: Jesper W. Nielsen.

    Cast: Marie Haagenrud, Aksel Hennie, Trine Wiggen, Mads Ousdal, Maria Sundell, Johannes Piene Gundersen, Àlex Batllori, Liv Ullmann, Asta Busingye Lydersen, Celine Engebrigtsen.
    Norway, Denmark, 2008.
    Language: Norwegian.
    Subtitles: Russian, Danish, English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian.
    Download I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly.
    Зеркало загадок / I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly. 2008.
    I et speil i en gåte / Through a Glass darkly. 2008.
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  • Вот и осень / Aki tachinu / Autumn Has Already Started. 1960.
    Single mum (father of child dead) from the country with 6th grade boy comes to Tokyo, leaves the boy to live with his uncle's family - wife, male, female teens, run a struggling greengrocer - and lives/ works in local inn. He gets bullied/ fights with local boys, goes to the baths, plays basketball, is befriended by his male cousin and becomes friendly with grade 4 girl who's the daughter of the innkeeper, who employs his mum and is the longterm mistress of a businessman from another town, who's the girl's father and who brings her half sister and brother to meet her but they're mean to her. Meanwhile the boy's mother gets friendly with one of the inn's clients and chucks her job for a trip or something more permanent with him. The young girl takes him shopping, and wants the boy to live with her and her mother, but mother and father refuse so the two kids go to a seaside where he sprains his ankle and they're late back even though the police get them and they're in trouble. The boy loses his beetle and tries to get another for the girl for a school project but when he does, she's moved house with her mother at the urging of her father. Clear? It's better in the film.
    Director: Mikio Naruse.
    Cast: Nobuko Otowa, Jun Fujimaki, Kamatari Fujiwara, Yôsuke Natsuki, Natsuko Kahara, Daisuke Katô, Seizaburô Kawazu, Hisako Hara, Kin Sugai, Naoya Kusakawa, Murasaki Fujima.
    Japan, 1960.
    Language: Japanese.
    Subtitles: Russian, English.
    Download Aki tachinu / Autumn Has Already Started.
    Вот и осень / Aki tachinu / Autumn Has Already Started. 1960.
    Aki tachinu / Autumn Has Already Started. 1960.
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  • Горячий полдень / Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne. 1965.
     On a hot summer day three boys are splashing around the river. One of them gets his hand caught in the stone masonry of a railway bridge. Many peasants, the passengers from the train, which stops nearby, and the crews of tanks taking part in a military exercise flock to the scene of accident. People drop out whatever they are doing; even the maneuvers get stopped to come to the help of a child. Action must be taken quickly because the water level is rising fast. The concerted efforts of all involved people help save the child. Thus a particular case, an extreme situation has served as a test of significant and insignificant in our life, which often happens to become transposed.
    Director: Зако Хеския / Zako Heskija.
    Cast: Plamen Nakov, Petar Slabakov, Grigor Vachkov, Rousy Chanev, Gerasim Mladenov, Vladislav Molerov, Kalina Antonova, Ivan Bratanov, Dimitar Panov, Kyamil Kyuchukov.
    Bulgaria, 1965.
    Language: Bulgarian.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne.
    Горячий полдень / Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne. 1965.
    Горещо пладне / Goreshto pladne. 1965.

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  • Ныряльщик / Мальчик на глубине / Dykkerdrengen / The Boy Below. 2003.
     Den tiårige Anders, der er besat af dykning, bor i en lejlighed sammen med sin alkoholiske far, der selv har en fortid som sportsdykker. Skønt de på grund af farens misbrug er under skarpt opsyn af de sociale myndigheder, er Anders 100% loyal. For det er stillet i udsigt, at hvis faren holder sig fra flasken, kan de sammen rejse til syden og holde en dykkerferie. Anders køber ind, laver mad og holder facaden overfor de udefrakommende, men da de når ned til varmen og den billige sprut, bliver situation uoverskuelig for Anders.
    Director: Morten Giese.
    Cast: Helle Fagralid, Luke McQuillan, Mads Mikkelsen, Malene Schwartz.
    Denmark, 2003.
    Language: Danish.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Dykkerdrengen / The Boy Below.
    Ныряльщик / Мальчик на глубине / Dykkerdrengen / The Boy Below.
     Dykkerdrengen / The Boy Below. 2003.

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  • Завтра будет лучше / Jutro będzie lepiej. 2011.
      PL. Trzech bezdomnych chłopców, dwaj bracia i ich kolega, mieszka na rosyjskim dworcu kolejowym. Pewnego dnia postanawiają wyruszyć w poszukiwaniu lepszego jutra. Chcą przejść przez zieloną granicę do Polski, aby znaleźć wszystko to, czego do tej pory nie mieli - dom, przyjaciół, szczęście...
    EN. Six-year-old named Petya (Oleg Ryba). Petya, his brother Vasya (Jewgieni Ryba), and their friend Liapa (Akhmed Saralov) travel overland with dreams of a better life in Poland and the hope that tomorrow will be better. They learn they must rely on each other to find their new home.
    Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska.
    Cast: Oleg Ryba, Jewgienij Ryba, Akhmed Sardalov, Stanisław Sojka, Aleksandra Billewicz, Zygmunt Gorodowienko, Kinga Walenkiewicz, Antoni Łanczkowski, Maria Cichonczyk.
    Poland, 2011.
    Language: Russian, Polish.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Jutro będzie lepiej.
    Завтра будет лучше / Jutro będzie lepiej. 2011.
    Jutro będzie lepiej. 2011.
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  • Жена Жиля / La femme de Gilles / Gilles' Wife. 2004.
     FR. Années 30, dans un milieu ouvrier.
    C'est l'histoire d'Elisa. Elisa est la femme de Gilles. Gilles travaille dans les hauts-fourneaux, parfois le jour, parfois la nuit. Un haut-fourneau ne s'arrête jamais.
    Elisa s'occupe des enfants, de la maison et vit chaque jour dans l'attente du retour de Gilles. Victorine est la sœur d'Elisa, elle travaille depuis peu dans un magasin en ville et vient souvent rendre visite à sa sœur pour jouer avec les enfants et donner un coup de main...
    Elisa attend un enfant. De drôles d'idées lui traversent la tête. Gilles et Victorine, Victorine et Gilles... Mais non, ce sont de drôles d'idées. C'est bizarre l'humeur d'une femme enceinte.
    Et puis un jour, une sensation, une certitude qui s'abat, insupportable : il se passe bien quelque chose entre Gilles et Victorine. Un étrange combat intérieur commence alors, fait de courage, d'abnégation, de silences. Pour retrouver ce qui était perdu. Pour redevenir la femme de Gilles.
    EN. Gilles' wife, Elise, who smiles when she thinks of him, cooks and scrubs and cheerfully makes love to him, suspects during her third pregnancy that he is having an affair with her coquettish younger sister, Victorine. Elise suffers, usually in silence. She listens to her husband rave; she asks her priest; she breaks picture frames; she weeps. She decides on a strategy to keep him.
    Director: Frédéric Fonteyne.
    Cast: Emmanuelle Devos, Clovis Cornillac, Laura Smet, Colette Emmanuelle, Gil Lagay, Alice Verlinden, Chloé Verlinden, Yoann Blanc, Philippe Jeusette, Benjamin Ramon, Jean-François Wolff, Patrick Quinet.
    Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, 2004.
    Language: French, Russian.
    Download La femme de Gilles / Gilles' Wife.
    Жена Жиля / La femme de Gilles / Gilles' Wife. 2004.
    La femme de Gilles / Gilles' Wife. 2004.
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  • Shūji Terayama / 寺山 修司. The best films. DVD.
     The two best films of Shūji Terayama on one DVD.
    1. 上海異人娼館 / Les Fruits de la passion. 1981.
    A girl loves a rich and much older man (played by Klaus Kinski). She is willing to do everything he wants to show her love, but he is playing a sick game with her. As part of this game he sends her to a Chinese brothel. A poor young boy sees her and falls in love with her. To get the money needed to sleep with her, he joins "the revolution". Additionally the movie shows the fate of some of the other prostitutes.
    Director: Shûji Terayama.
    Cast: Isabelle Illiers, Klaus Kinski, Arielle Dombasle, Pîtâ, Keiko Niitaka, Sayoko Yamaguchi, Hitomi Takahashi, Miyuki Ono, Yuka Kamebuchi, Kenichi Nakamura, Takeshi Wakamatsu.
    France, Japan, 1981.
    Language: French, English.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    2. 草迷宮 / Grass Labyrinth. 1979.
    A young man, haunted by his past, travels the land in search of the lyrics to a lullaby his mother used to sing to him.
    Director: Shûji Terayama.
    Cast: Hiroshi Mikami, Takeshi Wakamatsu, Keiko Niitaka, Yasumi Nakasuji, Miho Fukuya, Jûzô Itami.
    Japan, France, 1979.
    Language: Japanese.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    Download DVD Shūji Terayama / 寺山 修司. The best films:
    2 parts archive:
    Плоды страсти / 上海異人娼館 / Les Fruits de la passion. 1981.
     上海異人娼館 / Les Fruits de la passion. 1981.
    Лабиринт в траве / 草迷宮 / Grass Labyrinth. 1979.
     草迷宮 / Grass Labyrinth. 1979.
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  • Искусство плача / Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying. 2006.
    Follows a precocious, eleven-year-old Allan, who tries desperately to keep his dysfunctional, rural family together during the social upheavals of the early seventies. Allan reveres his father, Henry, the local milkman, and can't understand why others don't feel the same way. His family life is so twisted he thinks it's perfectly normal to stay awake all night dealing with his father's hysterics and suicidal threats. Allan's older brother left town several years ago, and his mother gave up long before that, relying on sleeping pills to escape Henry's tantrums. Allan then becomes obsessed with a rival family, whom he considers foolish white trash until they start taking away Henry's customers. He is frustrated that his mother doesn't take his father's complaints seriously, and is perplexed by the increasingly rebellious and bizarre behavior of his sister, Sanne. Incapable of understanding what's going on and heavily influenced by his father, Allan commits appalling acts...
    Director: Peter Schønau Fog.
    Cast: Jannik Lorenzen, Jesper Asholt, Hanne Hedelund, Julie Kolbech, Thomas Knuth-Winterfeldt, Gitte Siem, Rita Angela, Bjarne Henriksen, Laura Kamis Wrang, Tue Frisk Petersen.
    Denmark, 2006.
    Language: Danish.
    Subtitles: Russian, English.
    Download Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying.
    Искусство плача / Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying. 2006.
    Kunsten at græde i kor / The Art of Crying. 2006.
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