• A'Mare. 2008.

    На море / A'Mare.
    Two boys, 11 or 12, perhaps brothers, take a rowboat from shore to fish. Andrea, who's tougher, complains a lot, sometimes criticizing Felice, sometimes just complaining about life and his situation. Out of sight of shore, Andrea sees a suitcase; he jumps into the water, swims to it, and starts to push it back to the boat. While he's doing that, Felice sees a man floating, face up. While he tries to grab the man and hold on, he knocks an oar into the sea. The boys are unable to lift the man into the boat, and without two oars, can't head to shore. Will rescue come? Andrea tries to reassure Felice while also figuring out who the man is and what he's doing in the sea.
    Director: Martina Amati.
    Cast: Andrea Puglisi, Felice Puglisi, Abdul Majid.
    United Kingdom, 2008.
    Language: Italian.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    На море / A'Mare.
    A'Mare. 2008.
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