• Anthology of short films. Part 38.

    Anthology of short films. Part 38.
     The thirty-eighth issue of a collection of short films. Today, five mini-movies from different countries.
    1. Mécanomagie. 1996.
    FR. Des Jitzert, des êtres presque humains que l’homme ne peut voir, parcourent les terres agraires du Luxembourg. Leur présence est source de phénomènes lyriques et mystérieux.
    EN. A landscape in which everything moves is afflicted with a figure which is in itself static, but which moves - a kind of mechanic man? In Mécanomagie both the borders of perception and (natural) laws are infringed so that something new may emerge: nature as a boundless state of ecstasy!
    Director: Bady Minck.
    Cast: Misch Dimmer, Diane Becker, Raoul Chennaux, Sabine Stoltz, Denys Baldelli, Nordine Ries, Kim Thies, Jean-François Wolff, Jean-Claude Henkes, Bernard Jenkins.
    Austria, Luxembourg, 1996.
    Language: German.
    2. Boys. 2016.
    BOYS is a story about two best friends on the first day of summer. Set in 1999, Brian sleeps over at Jake's house as they have done countless times before. This night, however, the two encounter new sides of themselves. Overwhelmed by the discovery, Brian decides to walk back home as he is facing a whole new path in his life. It is a story about desire, adolescence, and the realization of being different.
    Director: Eyal Resh.
    Cast: Kevin Brief, Alexis Jayde Burnett, Melissa Burnett, Wyatt Griswold, Pearce Joza, Nora King, Christine McGraw, Suanne Spoke.
    USA, 2016.
    Language: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    3. Itsy Bitsy Spiders. 2013.
    Mysteriously and little by little, young Edwin is devoured by an odd, persistent and utterly compelling obsession: he draws pictures of spiders. So powerful is his compulsion, that Edwin covers entire walls in the apartment with sketches of his beloved arachnids, forcing Agatha, his hopeless and troubled mother, to seek professional help from a doctor. What does Edwin see in those drawings?
    Director: Bertrand Paré.
    Cast: Julian Feder, Jessica Galinas, Britt Prentice, Matthew Vorce, Joe Maggard, Bruce Hammond, Gabriel Burrafato, Rusty Meyers, Joe Palubinsky, Mark Justice.
    USA, 2013.
    Language: Russian (English).
    1920x1080 HD
    4. Toreadory iz Vasyukovki. 1965.
    A short film based on Vsevolod Nestayko's book about the hilarious adventures of two inseparable friends.
    Director: Samariy Zelikin
    Cast: Alexander Bartenev, Alexander Minin, Nikolai Ushakov, O. Svistunov, E. Pustovoit.
    USSR, 1965.
    Language: Ukrainian.
    5. Zand. 2008.
    Luuk is a truck driver who seems to be a goodhearted father for his eight-year-old daughter Isabel. After Luuk divorced from his wife Karen, Isabel lives with her mother. Whenever Luuk has the chance he takes Isabel to the sea or for a ride in his truck, which only carries sand. On one of those occasions Luuk discovers the horrific reason why Isabel is so quiet that day. From that moment on Luuk has to cope with a new and unexpected situation. Luuk kidnaps his daughter in an attempt to protect her, but he slowly loses control.
    Director: Joost van Ginkel.
    Cast: Jack Wouterse, Veerle Witkop, Margot Ros, Ruben Lürsen, Edward Koldewijn.
    Netherlands, 2008.
    Language: Russian (Dutch).
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 38.
    Anthology of short films. Part 38.
    Anthology of short films. Part 38.
    Anthology of short films. Part 38.
    Anthology of short films. Part 38.
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