• Anthology of short films. Part 52.

    Anthology of short films. Part 52.
     The new issue of the collection of shorts for number 52 is ready, it consists of five mini-films of different countries and times.
    1. Balavica / Little Darling. 2013.
    CR. Vrh nebodera, dvoje djece na krovu svijeta s pogledom na more. On je Tom Sawyer, a ona Alica u zemlji čuda, hodaju po rubu krova i rade sve što se ne smije. Tog vrućeg ljeta, kad su je roditelji ostavili da ljetuje kod bake, ona će prvi put osjetiti ljubav.
    EN. Two kids at the top of a skyscraper. A view of the sea. He is Tom Sawyer and she is Alice in Wonderland. They walk along the edge of the roof, doing everything they’re not supposed to. In that hot summer, left under the care of her grandma, she will feel love for the first time.
    Director: Igor Mirkovic.
    Cast: Djana Gudelj, Marko Boljat, Slavica Jukic, Petra Barbaric, Nika Petrovic, Franko Jakovcevic.
    Croatia, 2013.
    Language: Croatian.
    2. Boy. 2015.
    After a fatal bicycle accident, twelve-year-old Jacob moves through the world as a ghost. Unseen and unheard, he trails his classmate Daniel home from school. As the ghost boy watches, an image of a grief-stricken family slowly begins to take shape.
    Director: Connor Jessup.
    Cast: Kyle Hentschel, Joanne Kelly, George McFarlane, Lauren Piech, Eric Sorensen.
    Canada, 2015.
    Language: English.
    1920x1080 HD
    3. Katar. 1984.
    Polish experimental short, very strange and not clear about what.
    Director: Hieronim Neumann.
    Poland, 1984.
    4. Kevin Alec. 1977.
    Shares the life of Kevin Alec of the Fountain Reserve near Lilloet, British Columbia. In addition to school learning, Kevin is also mastering some of the traditional skills of his own people.
    Director: Beverly Shaffer.
    Canada, National Film Board of Canada, 1977.
    5. The Children of Fogo Island. 1967.
    This short film from Colin Low presents the problems faced by the people of Fogo Island, Newfoundland and what keeps them committed to the land. Witness some of the magic of the island, as seen through the eyes of children, and understand why its inhabitants cling to its shores.
    Director: Colin Low.
    Canada, 1967.
    Language: English.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 52.
    Anthology of short films. Part 52.
    Anthology of short films. Part 52.
    Anthology of short films. Part 52.
    Anthology of short films. Part 52.
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