• Århus by night. 1989.

    Орхус ночью / Arhus by night.

    This is a complex autobiographical film from first-time writer/director Nils Malmros. Malmros interweaves scenes depicting moments from his childhood and adolescence. The son of a doctor, he has opportunities to see such unusual sights as the inside of a hospital morgue. He also sees a fair number of barely clad women, since sun tanning was once believed to be a health treatment for many disorders. The boy's many sexual fantasies are treated frankly and humorously. Another layer of complexity is added by the inclusion of scenes pertaining to the development and filming of this movie.
    Director: Nils Malmros.
    Cast: Carsten Gjortz, Henrik Tolboe, Lars Henrik Markvad, Line Arlien-Soborg.
    Denmark, 1989.
    Download Arhus by night.
    Орхус ночью / Arhus by night.
    Arhus by night.

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