• Bratya Komarovy. 1961.

    Bratya Komarovy. 1961.
    Bratya Komarovy (Komarov Brothers) - a Soviet feature film based on the stories of Yuriy Nagibin "Komarov", "Old Turtle" and "Raging Bull", filmed in 1961 at the film studio "Lenfilm".
    Komarov three brothers — a four-year-old kindergarten child, an eight-year-old Vasya, and an eleven-year-old Petya — leave for a whole summer to rest in different places. How many long warm days ahead, filled to the brim with all sorts of - and joyful, and sad - events and wonderful discoveries ... They will have to discover the poetic world of nature full of wonders and surprises, and the world of human relationships.
    Director: Anatoli Vekhotko.
    Cast: Vladimir Mareyev, Boris Barkhatov, Sergey Rozhnovskiy, Marina Ordanskaya, Inna Makarova, Viktor Khokhryakov, Vera Titova, Ignat Leyrer.
    USSR, Lenfilm Studio, 1961.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Bratya Komarovy. 1961.
    Bratya Komarovy. 1961.
    Bratya Komarovy. 1961.
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