• Crabs In The Sand. 2012.

    Crabs In The Sand. 2012.
     With the release of his new short film "Crabs in the Sand", Tom Gerber hopes to put the often-ignored subject of childhood sexuality on society’s agenda.
    "Crabs in the Sand" is not an easy film to watch. It begins with a picture of innocence and calm – a group of children spending a summer day at the beach. But this idyllic scene is interrupted by a disturbing sexual meeting that teeters on the boundary between rape and prostitution. By the end, it is not clear which of the two parties involved is more wounded.
    Director: Tom Garber.
    Cast: Or Shefer, Amir Schreiber, Ella Lavi, Stav David, Shir Zamir.
    Israel, 2012.
    Language: Hebrew, Russian.
    Subtitles: English.
    1280х720 HD
    Download Crabs In The Sand.
    Crabs In The Sand. 2012.
    Crabs In The Sand. 2012.
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