• El balancín de Iván. 2002.

    Качели Ивана / El balancín de Iván. 2002.
    Ana is a woman of thirty-something, goes back to the house where she spent of her childhood during the Argentine dictatorship. Once there, she will remember the last moments she lived whit her brother Iván and her parents. Ana's memories will immerse us in the reality of her family, who hides from the police and the military during the 1976 dictatorship in Argentina.
    Director: Darío Stegmayer.
    Cast: Malena Alterio, Juan Diego Botto, María Botto, Ernesto Alterio, Juana Migliore, Blas Migliore.
    Argentina, Spain, 2002.
    Language: Spanish, Russian.
    Download El balancín de Iván.
    Качели Ивана / El balancín de Iván. 2002.
     El balancín de Iván. 2002.
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