• Hayop sa ganda. 1983.

    Животная красота / Hayop sa ganda. 1983.
     Rare and forgotten Filipino movie, film debut as a director famous theater director, professor of University of the Philippines Jehu Sebastian.
    One night with a total stranger. And fate brought them together once again. That's where their whirlwind romance started.
    Two former "Miss Universe" title holders, the Filipina Gloria Diaz and the Spanish Amparo Munoz appears in this film.
    Director: Jehu Sebastian.
    Cast: Vic Vargas, Gloria Diaz, Amparo Munoz, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Tony Carreon, Isabel Reyes, Rosita Rosal, Sabrina M.
    Philippines, 1983.
    Language: Filipino.
    Животная красота / Hayop sa ganda. 1983.
    Hayop sa ganda. 1983.
    « Du er ikke alene / You are not alone. 1978. Giselle. 1980. »
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