• Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979.

    Казаки-разбойники / Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979.
    Old Soviet adventure film based on the novel by E. Berne "The horse without a head" of schoolchildren who for the first year after the war helped the police to defuse a group of dangerous criminals
    Director: Valentin Kozachkov.
    Cast: Valentin Bukin, Georgiy Drozd, Oleg Korchikov, Lidiya Korolyova, Stepan Krylov, Pyotr Kupriyanets, Ruslan Mikhnevich, Sergei Mikhnevich, Aleksey Mishin, Tatyana Naumova.
    USSR, 1979.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Kazaki-Razboyniki.
    Казаки-разбойники / Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979.
     Kazaki-Razboyniki. 1979.

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