• Leto na pamyat. 1987.

    Лето на память / Leto na pamyat. 1987.
     A two-part feature film based on Arkady Gaidar’s short stories "Blue Cup", "The Fourth Dugout", "Hot Stone", diaries and letters from the writer.
    A young family - father and mother with daughter Svetlana - rented a summer cottage for the summer: an old shed in which they had to fix the roof immediately after the move, nail the fence around it, clean and repair something all the time. Their relationship was spoiled because everyone wanted to rest, gather mushrooms, fish and lie on the grass. And then some stranger pilot came to visit mom, and dad and daughter were completely depressed...
    Director: Yuri Kuzmenko.
    Cast: Andrey Rostotskiy, Ulyana Lapteva, Anastasiya Belova, Zoya Aleksandridi, Maksim Kuzmenko, Vera Karavayeva, Mikhail Treshchalin, Mariya Vinogradova, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Fodor Odinokov, Natalya Khorokhorina, Aleksandr Ilin, Anton Voropayev, Boris Tokarev, Vladimir Gerasimov, Vera and Nadya Voronenkova, Lev Letunovskiy, Konstantin Stepanov, Grigoriy Dunayev, Gennadiy Bogdanov.
    USSR, Odessa Film Studio, 1987.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Leto na pamyat. 1987.
    Лето на память / Leto na pamyat. 1987.
    Leto na pamyat. 1987.
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