• Mondo. 1995.

    Mondo. 1995.
     Mondo is a 1995 French drama film written and directed by Tony Gatlif based upon the short story by Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio. The film debuted at the Unifrance French Film Festival in Japan 1995, and premiered in France April 17, 1996.
    A fable unfolds. One summer day, a boy of about ten appears on the streets of Nice - no family, no possessions, no schooling, but with a brilliant smile. Mondo's most at home in gardens, fields, and at the seashore. The bustle of the city can seem to overwhelm him. He has good survival instincts, running from police and from threatening adults, and he is looking for a family. Over time, people come to know him - he helps out a street magician, befriends an old man who keeps doves in his suitcase, and finds a mother, herself an outsider. That smile is always at hand. Yet, no vagabond child sits well with the authorities. Can Nice keep this treasure of the spirit?
    Director: Tony Gatlif.
    Cast: Ovidiu Balan, Philippe Petit, Pierrette Fesch, Jerry Smith, Schahla Aalam, Maurice Maurin, Catherine Brun, Ange Gobbi, Jean Ferrier, Marcel Lemuet, Benjamin Massi.
    France, 1995.
    Language: French, Russian.
    Download Mondo. 1995.
    Mondo. 1995.
    Mondo. 1995.
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