• Pohischenie. 1984.

    Похищение / Pohischenie. 1984.
    Realizing that, thanks to the efforts of his grandparents, the six-year-old Boriska turns into a little despot, his father, (an athlete who recently completed his career) could not stand it and, taking advantage of his wife's departure, kidnapped his son and left with him from the city ...
    Director: Vitaly Tarasenko.
    Cast: Mikhail Yefimov, Aleksandr Fatyushin, Alena Bondarchuk, Lyubov Sokolova, Petr Shcherbakov, Vladimir Samoylov, Vera Kuznetsova, Yuriy Medvedev, Yuriy Sarantsev, Dasha Tarasenko, Viktor Uralskiy.
    USSR, Mosfilm, 1984.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Pohischenie. 1984.
    Похищение / Pohischenie. 1984.
    Pohischenie. 1984.
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