• В честь пропавшего солдата / Voor een verloren soldaat | For a Lost Soldier.
     The story of a romantic relationship between a grown-up and a child. Set in the Netherlands near the end of WWII, the film is a flashback recalling an adolescent relationship between Jeroen and a Canadian soldier. A difficult subject handled with style and feeling.
    Director: Roeland Kerbosch.
    Cast: Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé, Freark Smink, Elsje de Wijn, Derk-Jan Kroon, Wiendelt Hooijer, Iris Misset, Gineke de Jager, Tatum Dagelet, Marie-José Kouwenhoven.
    Netherlands, 1992.
    Language: English, Russian.
    Download Voor een verloren soldaat | For a Lost Soldier.
    В честь пропавшего солдата / Voor een verloren soldaat | For a Lost Soldier.
    Voor een verloren soldaat / For a Lost Soldier. 1992.

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  • Когда мне было 5 лет, я покончил с собой / Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué. 1994.
     FR. Gil, 8 ans, tombe fou amoureux d'une élève de sa classe, Jessica. Mais les adultes ne comprennent pas cette passion entre deux enfants, et Gil est interné dans un centre pour enfants psychotiques. Là, il se confie au Dr Edouard Valmont, seul médecin qui le comprenne vraiment.
    EN. This film is about Gils, a young boy (about ten) in a juvenile mental hospital in 1950's France. Flashbacks recount his conflicts with authority and his strong relationship with Jessica, a similarly rebellious schoolmate. Simultaneously, a compassionate doctor develops a trusting friendship with Gils, which a higher-ranking authoritarian doctor tries to thwart.
    Director: Jean-Claude Sussfeld.
    Cast: Hippolyte Girardot, Patrick Bouchitey, Salomé Lelouch, François Clavier, Claude Duneton, Ludovic Gadois, Raymonde Heudeline, Amar Ioudarene.
    France, 1994.
    Language: French, Russian.
    Download Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué.
    Когда мне было 5 лет, я покончил с собой / Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué. 1994.
     Quand j'avais 5 ans je m'ai tué. 1994.

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  • Воспитанник / Foster Child. 2007.
     Thelma, together with her husband Dado and teenage sons Gerald and Yuri, are an urban poor family hired by a local foster care facility to provide temporary home and care to abandoned babies pending the latter's formal adoption. The inevitable separation is heart-rending for the foster family.
    Thelma's foster child John-John is to be turned over to his adoptive American parents. Every moment with the 3-year-old John-John becomes more precious as Thelma goes through the day fulfilling her motherly duties for the last time—bathing John-John, feeding him, and bringing him to school where the boy participates in a school presentation.
    Director: Brillante Mendoza.
    Cast: Cherry Pie Picache, Kier Segundo, Eugene Domingo , Kristoffer King, Jake Macapagal, Ella Antonio, Paul Holmes, Lili Arivara, Ermie Concepcion, Jiro Manio.
    Philippines, 2007.
    Language: Filipino, Russian.
    Subtitles: English, Russian.
    Download Foster Child.
    Воспитанник / Foster Child. 2007.
    Foster Child. 2007.

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  • Родителей нет дома / Ilo Ilo. 2013.
     Set in Singapore, Ilo Ilo chronicles the relationship between the Lim family and their newly arrived maid, Teresa. Like many other Filipino women, she has come to this city in search of a better life. Her presence in the family worsens their already strained relationship. Jiale, the young and troublesome son, starts to form a unique bond with Teresa, who soon becomes an unspoken part of the family. This is 1997 and the Asian Financial Crisis is beginning to be felt in the region...
    Director: Anthony Chen.
    Cast: Yann Yann Yeo, Tian Wen Chen, Angeli Bayani, Jia Ler Koh, Peter Wee, Jo Kukathas, Naomi Toh, Stephanie Kiong, Jia Min Chantel Teo, Zhi Fang Xu, Aizuddiin Nasser.
    Singapore, 2013.
    Родителей нет дома / Ilo Ilo. 2013.
    Ilo Ilo. 2013.
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  • Дерево, которому мы причинили боль / To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt.
     GR: Καλοκαίρι 1960, σ' ένα γραφικό χωριό της Χίου, τελευταίες μέρες του σχολικού έτους. Η φιλία δυο αγοριών της Δ’ τάξης του Δημοτικού κλονίζεται. Το σχολείο κλείνει και τα δυο παιδιά περνούν ένα μεγάλο μέρος του καλοκαιριού χωριστά. Ο ένας βοηθάει τη μητέρα του στα μαστιχόδεντρα, τα δέντρα που πληγώνονται και δακρύζουν την αστραφτερή τους μαστίχα. Ο άλλος, ακολουθεί τον δικό του, μοναχικό δρόμο και προσπαθεί να ξεφύγει από τη δική του αυταρχική μάνα, που συνηθίζει να τον κυνηγά με τον πλάστη στα σοκάκια του χωριού. Μια τυχαία συνάντησή τους κατά τη διάρκεια μιας τέτοιας καταδίωξης γίνεται αφορμή να επανασυνδεθούν και να περάσουν μαζί το υπόλοιπο καλοκαίρι.
    EN: It's summer 1960, in the picturesque Greek town of Chios, where people get around by donkey. School is ending, and a present-day narrator is calling up memories of the idyllic weeks he spent between fourth and fifth grades. They compose ''The Tree We Hurt,'' an unassuming Greek movie that opens today at the Public Theater.
    In the course of this brief holiday scrapbook, the boy assists his mother in cutting the bark of the gum tree -''the tree we hurt'' - so the gum may drip out like tears or jewels. He frolics with a stray dog, joins in anouting on the beach, frees some trapped birds and is shot at by the bird catcher. He develops a crush on a pretty girl visitor. He and his best friend, Runny-Nose Vangelis, also known as the Cat Strangler, participate in funeral processions to earn a few coins. They splash in a tiny pool, eat ice cream and smoke a cigarette. With some other kids, they make war on wasps and pick on the local lunatic.
    Director: Dimos Avdeliodis.
    Cast: Yannis Avdeliodis, Nikos Mioteris, Katerina Kyriakodi, Dimos Avdeliodis, Takis Agoris, Yannis Koliaros, Vagelio Misailidou, Kostas Kalamotoessis, Dimitris Sideratos, Stelios Makrias, Despina Psalti.
    Greece, 1986.
    Language: Greek.
    Дерево, которому мы причинили боль / To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt.
    To dendro pou pligoname / The Tree We Hurt.
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  • Дневник тинейджера-нудиста / Diary of a Teenage Nudist.
     Documentary about nudism and naturism in USA and UK. This sensitive and touching film follows 18-year-old Bianca as she embarks on an investigation into what motivates people to take off their clothes in public.
    Director: Alex Berk.
    Cast: Bianca Badham, Charlotte Ruddock, Julie Ruddock, Steve Ruddock.
    UK, 2004.

    Language: English..
    Download Diary of a Teenage Nudist.
    Дневник тинейджера-нудиста / Diary of a Teenage Nudist.
     Diary of a Teenage Nudist.
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  • Los Parchis contra el inventor invisible. 1981.
     Los Parchís contra el inventor invisible es una película de Argentina filmada en Eastmancolor dirigida por Mario Sabato según su propio guion escrito en colaboración con Víctor Proncet que se estrenó el 9 de julio de 1981 y que tuvo como actores principales a Los Parchís, Julio de Grazia y Javier Portales.
    El grupo Parchís llega a Buenos Aires para realizar sus actuaciones en un circo. En el aeropuerto una banda de delincuentes están esperando a un grupo de personas que llevan en su poder la fórmula secreta que convierte en invisible a quien la acciona. Llegan Los Parchís con un colgante similar al que tiene que llevar la persona que está esperando la banda y los confunden, saliendo en su persecución para tratar de secuestrarlos. A partir de allí, transcurre una interminable serie de emocionantes aventuras plenas de alegría, música y diversión.
    Director: Mario Sábato.
    Cast: Tino Fernández, Óscar Cañada, David Muñoz, Yolanda Ventura, Gemma Termes Prat, Julio De Grazia, Javier Portales, Carlos Del Burgo, Adrián Ferrario, Roberto Carnaghi, Raúl Florido, Juan Carlos Ricci.
    Argentina, 1981.
    Language: Spanish.
    Download Los Parchis contra el inventor invisible.
    Los Parchis contra el inventor invisible. 1981.
    Los Parchis contra el inventor invisible. 1981.
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  • Летние забавы / Sommerjubel / Joy of Summer / After Spring. 1986.
    NO. Sommerjubel er en norsk novellefilm for barn fra 1986, regissert av Alexander Røsler etter en novelle av Rune Belsvik. Filmen handler om barns erotiske oppvåkning i en sommerferie. Vi møter noen 10-åringer som begynner å utforske sine erotiske følelser seg imellom og de får også øynene opp for de voksnes seksualitet.
    EN. It is the last day of school before summer vacation. The teacher can be heard telling the students about a traveler going to America. As the bell rings we see dozens of children running from the school. The camera then focuses on a group of preteen children talking amongst themselves. The scene changes and we see Trond...
    Director: Alexander Rosler.
    Cast: Joakim Kock, Lasse Edvardsen, Camilla Sletten, Øystein Offer-Olsen, Siri Hoff, Hans Jacob Melbye, Siri Spillum, Thomas Bay.
    Norway, 1986.
    Language: Norwegian.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Летние забавы / Sommerjubel / Joy of Summer / After Spring. 1986.
    Sommerjubel / Joy of Summer / After Spring. 1986.
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  • Ледяной замок / Is-slottet / Ice Palace. 1987.
     NO. Filmen handler i hovedsak om to 11-årige jenter, Siss (Line Storesund) og Unn (Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen). Det begynner en ny jente i klassen til Siss. Det er Unn, som bor hos sin moster (Merete Moen) siden foreldrene hennes er borte. De to jentene føler et udefinert behov for hverandre, en stillfarende lengsel etter ømhet og varme. En kveld Siss er på besøk hos Unn, sitter de to jentene inne på Unns rom bak en låst dør, der kler de seg nakne for hverandre. De kastes inn i en sterk følelseskonfrontasjon og dagen etter klarer ikke Unn å møte Siss. På vei til skolen begir hun seg alene inn i det kalde, ensomme landskapet i den gjenfrosne fossen hvor hun til slutt forsvinner. Det går letemannskap ute til langt på natt for å lete etter Unn og tilslutt må letemannskapet gå til moster og fortelle at de ikke finner Unn. Dette går sterkt inn på Siss og hun er i ferd med å bukke under i isolasjon og desperasjon. Hun lukker seg inni seg selv og vil ikke leke med de andre på skolen. Hun blir bare stående for seg selv i skolegården. En dag går Siss til moster og får høre at moster har avfunnet seg med at Unn er borte og ikke lever mer. Moster har pakket sammen og er på flyttefot. Våren kommer og isen smelter i det store islandskapet. Siss er ute ved fossen og der finner hun Unn nedfrosset nede i isen. Det ender med at Siss får hjelp til å finne seg selv igjen, hun åpner seg igjen og blir på den måten berget.
    EN. In a remote Norwegian mountain-area in the thirties, two 12 year old girls Siss and Unn meets. They are friends, but for Unn it is more serious, she admits to have secret and indecent fantasies about her girlfriend.
    Director: Per Blom.
    Cast: Line Storesund, Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen, Merete Moen, Sigrid Huun, Vidar Sandem, Knut Ørvig, Urda Brattrud Larsen, Charlotte Lundestad, Gunnar Svensrud, Jan Hoel.
    Norway, 1987.
    Language: Norwegian.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Is-slottet / Ice Palace.
    Ледяной замок / Is-slottet / Ice Palace. 1987.
    Is-slottet / Ice Palace. 1987.
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  • Blaue Wimpel im Sommerwind / Blue Pennants In The Summer Wind. 1952.
     DE. Farb-Dokumentarfilm der vordergründig über das Pioniertreffen in Dresden 1952 berichtet. Drei Jungen und zwei Mädchen erzählen dabei ihre Ferienerlebnisse bei den Pioniergruppen auf Rügen, von ihrem Aufenthalt auf dem Segelschulschiff "Wilhelm Pieck" in Rostock, von den Erlebnissen bei einem Geländewettbewerb im Elbsandsteingebirge, von den Erkenntnissen bei einer Havelexpedition um den Käbeliksee und von ihren Geschichtsforschungen in der Thomas-Müntzer-Stadt Mühlhausen. Allein durch die pathetische Kommentierung, aber auch durch die vorgenommene Bild- und Schnittfolge wird erkennbar, das die Jugend der DDR gelobt im Kampf für die Errichtung eines einheitlichen, friedliebenden und demokratisch unabhängigen Deutschland ihre ganze Kraft einzusetzen.
    EN. Summer holidays of young pioneers and the report of the pioneer meeting in Dresden in August 1952.
    Director: Herbert Ballmann.
    DDR, DEFA, 1952.
    Language: German.
    Download Blaue Wimpel im Sommerwind / Blue Pennants In The Summer Wind.
    Blaue Wimpel im Sommerwind / Blue Pennants In The Summer Wind. 1952.
    Blaue Wimpel im Sommerwind / Blue Pennants In The Summer Wind. 1952.
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  • Приключения с дядей Манеко / Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world.  1971.
     PT. Tio Maneco (Flávio Migliaccio) leva os filhos de seu cunhado Alfredo (Walter Forster), os meninos Beto (Lui Farias) e Zequinha (Maurício Farias), para passar férias no sítio do avô em Mato Grosso. O avô é um rádio-amador maníaco, obcecado em contatar seres de outros planetas. Ao chegarem ao sítio, Tio Maneco e os sobrinhos descobrem um disco voador. Logo eles têm contato com seres minúsculos, que informam que o avô está em poder de um robô enviado pelos supercomputadores que dominam seu planeta, a fim de descobrir e destruir uma flor misteriosa. Esta flor pode ser encontrada com uma tribo de índios, cujo paradeiro só o avô conhece. Tio Maneco e os sobrinhos saem à caça do avô, enquanto este tenta enrolar o robô o máximo que pode.
    EN. Jorney to an unknown world is a highly obscure Brazilian jungle adventure film from 1971 which seems to have been written with kids in mind. In a nutshell, the movie charts the adventures of Tio Maneco, a globe-trotting adventurer who decides to head off into the Amazonian rainforest with his three young nephews (a purely annoying one, a chubby annoying one, and a little annoying one). What follows is, well, difficult to describe...
    Three boys and their uncle venture into the Amazon jungle in search of their missing grandfather who's been kidnapped by evil space robots! An unusual and hard-to-find kids film that mixes live-action, animation and some "mondo" footage to tell it's story.
    Director: Flávio Migliaccio.
    Cast: Flávio Migliaccio, Odete Lara, Walter Forster, Kleber Drable, Rodolfo Arena, Milton Vilar, Alfredo Murphy, Lui Farias, Mauro Farias, Maurício Farias.
    Brazil, 1971.
    Language: English.
    Download Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world.
    Приключения с дядей Манеко / Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world.  1971.
    Aventuras com Tio Maneco / Jorney to an unknown world.  1971.
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  • Девочка по прозвищу Штёртебеккер / Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.
     DE. 1. Das Mädchen Antje lebt bei ihrem Großvater. Ihr Vater ist Steuermann auf einem großen Kreuzer und seine Frau durfte ihn auf einer weiten Reise begleiten. In Südermünde, am Meer, wird sie von allen Störtebeker gerufen, weil sie in ihrer Phantasie oft mit dem echten Seeräuber Störtebeker redet und sich von ihm verschiedene Ratschläge holt. Ihr Ziel, Steuerfrau auf einem großen Segelschiff zu werden, liegen viele Steine im Weg. Nach einer Menge Tricksereien erkennt sie den wahren Weg und lernt bis dahin große und kleine Freunde zu schätzen.
    2. Da ihr Vater zur See fährt und ihre Mutter ihn begleitet, lebt Antje bei ihrem Großvater in Südermünde am Meer. Eines Tages will auch Antje die Meere bereisen und ein so schönes Segelschiff wie die “Immer bereit” steuern, die es dem Mädchen vom ersten Augenblick an angetan hat. In ihrer Fantasie hält Antje oft Zwiesprache mit dem legendären Piraten Störtebeker. Mithilfe seiner Ratschläge will sich das “Mädchen Störtebeker”, wie sie bald im Ort gerufen wird, einen Platz auf Kapitän Martens Segelschiff erkämpfen.
    EN. A funny adventures of the twelve years old girl Antje who is fascinated by the stories about a famous pirate Stortebeker.
    Episode List:
    01 ... träumt von großer Fahrt.
    02 ... treibt ein schlimmes Spiel.
    03 ... geht baden.
    04 ... sieht Land.
    05 ... kapert sein Schiff.
    Director: Karl-Heinz Bahls.
    Cast: Paul Arenkens, Klaus Bamberg, Michael Christian, Werner Dissel, Rainer Doering, Karsten Hopp, Jürgen Kaczmarek, Uwe Kockisch, Lotte Loebinger, Margit Meller, Wolfgang Penz, Ronny Prochino, Hans-Peter Reinecke, Günther Schulze, Violetta Sudmann.
    DDR, 1980.
    Language: German.
    Download Das Mädchen Störtebeker.
    Девочка по прозвищу Штёртебеккер / Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.
     Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.
    Девочка по прозвищу Штёртебеккер / Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.
     Das Mädchen Störtebeker. 1980.
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  • Spuk von draußen. 1987. Ep 1.
     Folge 1. Das alte Haus.
    Die Berliner Familie Habermann macht im Erzgebirge im Urlaub. Der kleine idyllische Ort Bärenbach gefällt ihnen so sehr, dass sie das Angebot des Bürgermeisters annehmen und nach Bärenbach umsiedeln. Sie finden in einem alten Haus eine schöne Wohnung, die sich ausbauen lässt. Aber die Dorfbewohner sagen, dass es in diesem Haus spukt. Vater Habermann ist Arzt und Wissenschaftler daher lehnt er solche Urteile vom Aberglauben energisch ab. Seine Kinder finden die Geschichten vom alten Haus ziemlich spannend und werden noch etliche Abenteuer erleben…
    Director: Günter Meyer.
    Cast: Madeleine Lierck, Wolf-Dieter Lingk, Kathrin Bachert, Janine Demuschewsky, Maurice Zirm, Hajo Müller, C.U. Wiesner, Siegfried Worch, Kirsten Block.
    DDR, DEFA, 1987.
    Language: German.
    Download Spuk von draußen. 1987. Ep 1.
    Spuk von draußen. 1987. Ep 1.
    Spuk von draußen. 1987. Ep 1.
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  • Суп и я / Soup and Me. 1978.
     On the day of the Halloween party, boys Soup and Rob are finding plenty of ways to get into trouble: swimming in a local pond (though their mothers prohibit swimming so late in the year), pitching apples over a barn, and borrowing a cart which had drifted away from its owner. The grandest mischief of all, however, comes from their attempt to win the prize at the Halloween party, given to the entrant with the largest pumpkin.
    Based on Rober Newton Peck's fantastic "Soup" Books.
    Director: Dennis Donnelly.
    Writers: Mark Fink, Robert Newton Peck.
    Cast: Frank Cady, Shane Sinutko, Christian Berrigan, Mary Margaret Patts, Owen Bush, Kathleen Freeman.
    USA, 1978.
    Language: English.
    Subtitles: Russian.
    Download Soup and Me.
    Суп и я / Soup and Me. 1978.
     Soup and Me. 1978.
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  • Икс / X. 1986.
     NO. Den unge Jon Gabriel er fotokunstner. Dyktig på sitt område, men hjemløs i omgang med mennesker. Som type, attraktiv nok, men egentlig redd og uten tilhørighet i verden. 13-årige Flora er i mer konkret forstand hjemløs, men nærværende og tilstede i sin kamp for å klare seg. Hun er et barn med en livserfaring alt for stor for hennes unge alder, med en ytre tøffhet og direkthet som står i kontrast til hennes spinkle skikkelse. Slik finner vår fotokunstner seg målbundet i mer enn en forstand når den lille fuglungen av et gatebarn setter sitt blikk på ham og spør om han har et sted å bo. Hun slipper inn til ham, og på sin sære måte gir han henne nærhet. Ikke med ord og væremåter - men med en plakat. Hun vil ikke hete Flora - men Kim. "Kim" skriver han ned med store letrabokstaver på en pappbit - og hun er fortapt i ham.
    EN. We meet the photographer John Gabriel in his mid 20ies which coincidentally meets 13 year old Flora, which rather would like to be called Kim. She's a high risk teen going towards a possible drug abusing career, like her sister, and has run off from home and have nowhere to sleep. They start off a love affair due to her need for affection. We soon understand that it's completely OK to the parents that Flora has run off, and John Gabrel finds himself in a difficult choice between following his own or others expressions as a photographing artist.
    Director: Oddvar Einarson.
    Cast: Bettina Banoun, Jørn Christensen, Sigrid Huun, Hege Schøyen, Casper Evensen, Sven Henriksen, Emil Stang Lund, Trond Lybekk, Ola Solum, Are Storstein.
    Norway, 1986.
    Language: Norwegian.
    Икс / X. 1986.
    X. 1986.
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  • Kasva terveeksi. 1955.
     Monipuolinen ravinto ja reippailu raittiissa ilmassa ovat hyvän kunnon ja terveyden perusta, todistetaan 1950-luvun valistusfilmissä.
    Kaupunkilaistyttö Leena on sairastellut koko talven. Nuha on seurannut nuhaa ja usein on ollut kuumettakin. Niinpä Leena lähetetään sukulaisten hoiviin maalle raittiiseen ilmaan.
    Talvi, reki tulee mäen päältä kohti. Tyttö istuu kyydissä. Saapuu taloon, jossa tervehtii rouvaa ja kolmea lasta. Kello pöydällä. Tyttö nukkuu kerrossängyssä, alapedissä nukkunut tyttö nousee ja nostaa vuodevaatteet ikkunalle. Pojat pesulla. Tyttö siivoaa, tulokas nukkuu yhä, nousee sitten ja pukeutuu. Perhe ja uusi tyttö aamiaisella. Seuraavat poikien hiihtokilpailua. Nainen ja mies toimistossa, rouva tulee ja tuo paperin. Luokkahuone. Lapset käsiä pesemässä. Kymmenet lapset ruokailevat salissa. Lähikuvia. Tytöt voimistelevat voimistelusalissa. Tytöt suihkussa. Neljä tyttöä kävelee kouluun sateessa, taustalla kerrostaloja kalliolla. Laittavat takit naulaan ja vaihtavat jalkineet. Toimistossa katsotaan Mannerheim-liiton lomaketta, jossa kysellään lasten hygieniaoloista. Lomake täyttyy: Orimattila, Renkomäki. Kesä, tyttö puutalon pihalla. Pelargoniat ikkunalla. Tyttö pesee hampaat ja jalat uunin edessä ja menee nukkumaan. Kantaa laskiämpärin tunkioon. Poika tulee huussista, jonka ovessa lukee Muistitko käyttää kalkkia? Pesee kädet vadissa. Mies ja poika tamppaavat mattoa pihalla. Aidassa juliste Nurmijärven uimakoulusta Krapin uimarannalla. Lapsijoukko juoksee pukukoppiin. Nuori nainen opettaa uimaliikkeitä rannalla. Lapset istuvat nurmella liikkeitä tehden. Uintia. Opettaja hyppää uimatornista. Elokuvan alussa nähty tyttö hyppää veteen ja on iloinen.
    Director: Osmo Lampinen.
    Cast: Seppo Wallin.
    Finland, 1955.
    Language: Finnish.
    Download Kasva terveeksi.
    Kasva terveeksi. 1955.
    Kasva terveeksi. 1955.
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  • Ať žijí duchové! / Long Live Ghosts! 1977.
     CZ. Hrdiny veselé dětské hudební komedie jsou chlapci a děvčata, kteří vytáhnou do boje proti některým dospělým ze své obce, když chtějí proměnit starý hrad v zemědělský objekt. Za vydatné pomoci duchů, rytíře Viléma Brtníka z Brtníku a jeho dcerky Leontýnky obývajících zchátralý objekt, a mnoha trpaslíků, které rytíř přivolal, se jim podaří dosáhnout cíle - hrad je opraven a předán do péče dětí. Z Leontýnky, která si stěžuje na osud nesmrtelných bytostí, se díky kopretině darované Dlouhým Jendou z lásky stane normální dívka...
    EN. Trespassing gang of boys encounter a ghost in the ruins of a castle. When they rescue the ghost who is caught in a trapset, they become allies in a fight to prevent ruins from being turned into mushroom farm by the city authorities.
    Director: Oldřich Lipský.
    Cast: Jiří Sovák, Vlastimil Brodský, Dana Vávrová, Jiří Procházka, Lubomír Lipský st., Věra Tichánková, Jiří Bruder, Adolf Filip, Ladislav Šimek, Petr Starý, Igor Nachtigal, David Vlček, Tomáš Holý, Jiří Brož, Josef Bek, Míla Myslíková, Karel Effa, Erich Fichtner, Zdeněk Srstka, Bohumil Koška, Jana Werichová-Kvapilová, Lubomír Bryg, Jiřina Bílá, Blažena Slavíčková, Růžena Dvorská, Slávka Hamouzová, Vlasta Žehrová, Zdena Kvapilová, Ivana Blanářová, Oxana Valentová, Lucie Krátká, Renáta Oždianová, Pavlína Serbusová, Stanislava Coufalová, Lucie Klégrová, Bohumil Luxík, Tereza Brodská, Petr Vacek, Milada Ježková, Jan Gottlieb, Milan Hanák, Richard Hes, Robert Kučera, Zdeněk Zapletal, Vladimír Bárta, Zdeněk Binko, Arnošt Böhm, Jan Brokl, Miroslav Brokl, Josef Brož, Vladimír Čumpelík, Václav Damašek, Jiří Dolejš.
    Czechoslovakia, Filmové studio Barrandov, 1977.
    Language: Czech.
    Download Ať žijí duchové! / Long Live Ghosts!
    Ať žijí duchové! / Long Live Ghosts! 1977.
    Ať žijí duchové! / Long Live Ghosts! 1977.
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