• Respiro / Grazia's Island. 2002.

    Дыхание / Respiro / Grazia's Island. 2002.

    Grazia is a mother of three who spends suffocating days packing fish while her husband Pietro is at sea. Her oft-erratic behavior leads Pietro into thinking she may need medical attention, and he prepares to send her off to a psychiatric institute in Milan. Their son Pasquale, the one person who understand his mother the most, vows to do whatever it takes to foil his father's plan. 
    Director: Emanuele Crialese.
    Cast: Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato, Francesco Casisa, Veronica D'Agostino, Filippo Pucillo, Muzzi Loffredo, Elio Germano, Francesco Edoardo Anglieri, Giuseppe del Volgo.
    Italy, France, 2002.

    Language: Italian, Russian.
    Download Respiro / Grazia's Island.
    Дыхание / Respiro / Grazia's Island. 2002.
    Respiro / Grazia's Island. 2002.
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