• Sanning eller konsekvens. 1997.

    Правда или смелость / Sanning eller konsekvens. 1997.
    «Allting ar som vanligt, men inget ar som forr. Sommarlovet ar over och Nora borjar sexan...»
    Summer holiday is over. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. Or wants to be on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, one the other hand she wants to be friends with tough Fanny and Sabina.
    Director: Christina Olofson.
    Cast: Tove Edfeldt, Anna Gabrielsson, Alexandra Dahlstrom, Emelina Lindberg-Filippoupoullou, Ellen Swedenmark, Katja Steinholtz Skog, Totte Steneby, Fredrik Aden, Bobbo Steneb, Erik Johansson.
    Sweden, 1997.
    Language: Swedish.
    Download Sanning eller konsekvens.
    Правда или смелость / Sanning eller konsekvens. 1997.
    Sanning eller konsekvens. 1997.
    « Les jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz / The Games of Countess Dolingen of Gratz. 1981.Diep. 2005. »
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