• Shocking Africa. 2 films.

    Шокирующая Африка / Shocking Africa.

    Шокирующая Африка / Shocking Africa.
     Two documentaries in the popular in Italy in the 1970s and 80s years the genre "Mondo" about the wild tribes of Africa. 
    Uncensored versions.
    Film 1. Africa Ama / Africa Uncensored.
    This film makes an indelible impression in content, subject matter, and cinematography. Documentary film making at its best as it narrates very exotic and esoteric rituals of the primitive peoples of Africa. The visual body of the film is extremely potent that its images mute any narration or interpretation. Not recommended for the prude, narrow-minded, and nauseous.
    Director: Alfredo Castiglioni, Angelo Castiglioni.
    Cast: Riccardo Cucciolla - voice.
    Italy, 1971.

    Language: Italian.
    Film 2. Africa dolce e selvaggia / Shocking Africa. The Last Savage. 
    A look at the fast disappearing tribal customs of North Africa.
    This film acts as a documentary following a cannibalistic tribe in Africa. Though you can tell that it's not an actual documentary, the acts of the cannibals seem very, very real.
    Director: Alfredo Castiglioni, Angelo Castiglioni. 
    Italy, 1982.
     Language: English.
    Warning: films are not recommended for viewing by the nervous, impressionable and having a weak stomach.
    Download Shocking Africa. 2 films.

    Шокирующая Африка / Shocking Africa. 2 films.

    Шокирующая Африка / Shocking Africa. 2 films.
    Shocking Africa. 2 films.
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