• Sonagi / The Shower. 1979.

    Sonagi / The Shower. 1979.
     Rain Shower", also "Shower" or "Sonagi," is a Korean short story written by Korean writer Hwang Sun-won in 1959. "Rain Shower" is a translation of the Korean title “Sonagi.” A sonagi is a brief but heavy rain shower that starts suddenly, usually on a hot afternoon. In Hwang’s story, the rain shower symbolizes the short but heart-rending love between the boy and the girl. The story begins with the boy encountering the girl playing by the stream on his way back home.
    Although many of Hwang’s short stories are notable, “Rain Shower” is cited as his timeless Korean classic by Koreans. Koreans of all ages are acquainted with this story. It is famous for its poignant depiction of the Korean countryside and of innocent adolescent love. The picturesque scenes from this story stir nostalgia for many people.
    Director: Young Nam Ko.
    Cast: Yeong-su Lee, Yun-suk Jo, Shin-jae Kim.
    South Korea, 1979.
    Language: Korean.
    Subtitles: Russian, English.
    Sonagi / The Shower. 1979.
    Sonagi / The Shower. 1979.
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