• Anthology of short films. Part 12.

    Anthology of short films. Part 12.
     The twelfth edition of the collection of short films, as usual minifilms from around the world - from different countries and eras, only 4 units.
    1. Anna. 2009.
    In a small Danish fishing village, a young girl faces the challenges of puberty and first love.
    Director: Runar Runarsson.
    Cast: Marie Boda, Daniel Stampe, Petrine Agger, Kristianna Nordoy, Henrik Noël Olesen.
    Denmark, 2009.
    Language: Danish, Russian.
    2. Endeavour. 
    A short film that was inspired from my own childhood memories. Made with the help of students from the College of West Anglia, Joe Yates and Paul Joy.  Peter Naylor.
    Director: Peter Naylor.
    Cast: Nick Croucher & Lilly Neal.
    USA, 2009.
    3. Woensdagen.
    Every Wednesday, 8 year old Kris accompanies 28 year old Willem to the swimming pool.
    They swim, go down the slide and have a lot of fun.
    But one Wednesday Willem confronts Kris with a frightening request...
    Director: Aaron Rookus.
    Cast: Tyn Hageman, Viktor Griffioen.
    Netherlands, 2011.
    Language: Dutch.
    Subtitles: English.
    4. Krasnyy agat.
    The girl, in order to save her sick grandfather, goes to the sea in search of red agate.
    Director: Aleksandr Pologov.
    Cast: Lyudmila Dyatko, Igor Mirutko, Valery Voronin, Janis Grantins, Regina Bakusova, Vyacheslav Voronin.
    USSR, Belarusfilm, 1973.
    Language: Russian.
    Download Anthology of short films. Part 12. 

    Anthology of short films. Part 12.
    Anthology of short films. Part 12.
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