• Koi ni itaru yamai / The End of Puberty. 2011.

    Конец невинности / Koi ni itaru yamai / The End of Puberty.
     Shoko Kimura’s Koi ni Itaru Yamai begins well enough with beyond precocious high schooler Tsubara (Miwako Wagatsuma) seducing her nerdy teacher Madoka (Youichiro Saitou). Through their impetuous coupling on a pile of exam papers, somehow their sex organs get transposed. It’s at this very moment where the film not only begins to fall apart, but where director Kimura begins to show her retrograde attitudes and views about male/female sexuality and roles. The confused couple goes to a cabin retreat to figure out things. Tsubara’s goofy-fascinated by her new rod, while Madoka retches every time the idea of fucking comes up. Somewhere along the line, justified by some idea of counterpoint, another young high school couple En (Aimi Satsukawa) and Maru (Shouta Sometani) join up to cavort and work out their own issues of sexuality. Most noticeably absent from the meandering speaking that poses as dialogue is the issue of a teacher and teenage student getting it on. Zero. Despite a good initial inspiration, Kimura remains pretty fucked up on issues regarding sex and gender.
    Director: Shoko Kimura.
    Cast: Miwako Wagatsuma, Yoichiro Saito, Aimi Satsukawa, Shota Sometani.
    Japan, 2011.
    Language: Japanese.
    Конец невинности / Koi ni itaru yamai / The End of Puberty.
    Koi ni itaru yamai / The End of Puberty.
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