• L'adolescente / An Adolescent Girl. 1979.

    L'adolescente / Подросток.
     The summer of 1939. Marie, at 13, goes with her parents to visit her grandmother in a small town near Avignon. Although rumors of war reach the countryside, it's an idyllic place. Marie's parents are constantly making love. Surrounded by sexual frankness, Marie fancies herself a woman and develops a crush on Alexander, the town's young Jewish doctor. She's despondent when he treats her as if she were a child. After Marie's father abruptly leaves for a few weeks to assist with a relative's harvest, Marie's mother and the doctor disappear into the woods for hours at a time. Marie tries to spy on them. When dad returns, what will the family and the doctor do?
    Director: Jeanne Moreau.
    Cast: Simone Signoret, Francis Huster, Laetitia Chauveau, Edith Clever, Jacques Weber, Jean-Francois Balmer, Hugues Quester, Roger Blin, Frank Muth, Maurice Baquet.
    France, Germany, 1979.
    Language: French.
    Subtitles: English.
    Download L'adolescente / An Adolescent Girl.
    L'adolescente / Подросток.
    L'adolescente / An Adolescent Girl. 1979.
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