• Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.

    Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.
     SE. …som havets nakna vind är en svensk komedi- och dramafilm från 1968 i regi av Ulf Palme och Gunnar Höglund. I rollerna ses bland andra Hans Gustafsson, Lillemor Ohlson och Barbro Hiort af Ornäs.
    Den unge Leander är en lyckad student i Schweiz, men på det erotiska området går det desto sämre. Han reser tillbaka till Sverige och tillbringar sommaren på sin mors herrgård i en Östersjövik. Där vänder den erotiska lyckan och träffar han en rad kvinnor med vilka han har sexuellt umgänge.
    EN. One Swedish Summer is a forgotten gem from the days when skilled directors were at the helm of exploitation films.
    Story of only boy in home living with his mother and other female relatives In an early scene, he gets up from his bed completely naked and stands in front of his elder relatives in order to prove he is a grown man, and then his teenage sister comes dancing into the room with her transistor radio pressed to her ear, but upon seeing her brother’s nudity she forgets the music and develops a serious lust for him. He then has a sexual encounter with a female by the sea on the rocks as his also naked sister watches with obvious jealousy.
    Days later, swimming nude again, he runs smack dab into the Nordic trio of cuties, all of whom, as we see through flashbacks, have developed odd sexual hangups, one of whom being raped by a priest which causes her to re-enact the scenario for pleasure again and again, and eventually does so with our hero, in a perverse scene that is quite out of place in this otherwise conservative yet butt-naked-flesh-everywhere film. Eventually, the sister’s lust boils over and the siblings are close to giving in to desire...
    Director: Gunnar Höglund.
    Cast: Hans Gustafsson, Lillemor Ohlsson, Barbro Hiort af Ornas, Gudrun Brost, Gio Petre, Birger Malmsten, Anne Kulle, Ingrid Swedin, Barbro Hedstrom, Charlie Elvegård.
    Sweden, West Germany, 1968.
    Language: Swedish.
    Download Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer.
    Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.
    Som havets nakna vind / One Swedish Summer. 1968.
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