• The Genesis Children. 1972.

    Генезис / Играя Бога / The Genesis Children.
     A charismatic leader and a high-spirited student group are on holiday in Italy. The surreal adventures of these friends are a free-flowing, four-part "multi-sensual symphony," bereft of traditional story line. One national critic described the boys' anarchic revelry as a "dream-like descent from civilization into the chaos reminiscent of Lord of the Flies."  
    Director: Anthony Aikmen.
    Cast: Peter Glawson, Jack Good, Mike Good, Vincent Child, Greg Hill, David Johnson, Butch Burr, Max Adams, Bubba Collins.
    USA, Italy, 1972.
    Language: English, Russian.
    Download The Genesis Children.
    Генезис / Играя Бога / The Genesis Children.
    The Genesis Children.
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